Bigg Boss is notoriously known for the fights between the contestants and this season proves to be no exception. We are just two months into the latest season and have seen everything. From verbal spats, to even physical fights, Bigg Boss 16 has seen it all.

Bigg Boss 16

However, fights are not the only thing that happens in the Bigg Boss 16 house. There are moments when contestants indulge in banter and fun and keep the moments light. Keeping the fights and tiffs aside, here are eight times when the contestants kept the episode light with their fun moments.

1. When Soundarya and Archana burst into fights of laughter.

This happened when Bigg Boss ruined Archana Gautam‘s plan and asked her to repeat what she had whispered to Gori about Shiv. And that did not go well because Shiv and Archana started arguing. But out of nowhere, Shiv took jibes at Priyanka and began arguing with her. Archana sneaked into her room and burst into laughter with Soundarya. The two women could not control their laughter and kept falling from the bed.

Bigg Boss 16

2. When Abdu and Stan gave us a mini performance.

While waiting for breakfast, the two music artists in the house decided to give us a mini-concert. MC Stan started beatboxing and Abdu started singing a Tajiki song. We couldn’t help but be amazed at their improvisation.

3. When Abdu and Soundarya danced to a middle Eastern song.

Abdu Rozik and Soundarya Sharma shared a fun moment in the kitchen. Abdu started singing a Persian song and he started dancing to it. Soundarya joined him while cooking and both of them gave us a glimpse of the Middle East.

Abdu Rozik Bigg Boss 16

4. When the Bigg Boss 16 contestants had a pillow fight.

In the dead of the night, the housemates decided to have a pillow fight in the living area. This happened when Sajid Khan was the King of the Bigg Boss 16 house. Shiv, Tina Datta, Sumbul, MC Stan, and Abdu threw cushions at each other and had a blast after an emotionally charged evening.

Tina Datta Bigg Boss 16

5. When Abdu Rozik decided to flirt with all the women in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

Abdu Rozik went to each woman and showered them with multiple compliments to make them blush. He told the women that they don’t need makeup because they were beautiful already. He went a step further and even shared his number with the women. Adorable!

6. When Archana choreographed a song with spinach leaves.

Archana was cleaning palak in the kitchen. She took two spinach leaves and sang Pyaar Kiya Toh Darna Kya. She choreographed a song with the leaves in full filmy style.

Archana Gautam in Bigg Boss 16

7. When the Bigg Boss 16 contestants had fun in the Hostel Task.

Hands down, the hostel task was one of the most fun tasks to have taken place in the Bigg Boss 16 house. The contestants relived their college days. Archana acted as the strict girl’s hostel warden while Sajid was a watchman. There was aimless flirting, dance, and banter in the air. Sometimes it is these fun tasks that show the camaraderie the contestants share.

Bigg Boss 16 hostel
Archana Gautam Bigg Boss 16

8. When it was Ankit’s birthday.

The contestants got a cake for Ankit Gupta on his birthday. They brought the cake to him when he was lying on his bed and surprised him. This came after the contestants had a tiff with Priyanka. However, they decided to keep the fight aside and wish the actor on his birthday. Later on, Bigg Boss sent a cake for him.

Ankit Gupta Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16 is known for its unexpected twists and turns. These fun moments balance out the drama and the heated argument.