In a very strange turn of events, a Redditor shared a screenshot of how their employer contacted them about work and expected them to work after they had fired the employee. Just a normal day in a post-capitalistic society.

Shared by a Reddit user (@ScooterBobb) on the anti-work community, the screenshot consists of the conversation between the employee and the former employer. The employer texted the employee and asked them if they did “create an order for this week, or an inventory”. The employee was confused and rightly so, because they were fired from the position earlier.

The ex-employer continues to explain themselves and asks the employee the same question. That is when the employee said, “Bless your heart. You don’t fire someone and then still contact them to ask questions about the job because you don’t know.” However, things don’t end here. There’s more. This reply only makes the employer preach about professionalism (which they clearly lack, but anyway). Only for the employee to reinstate how they never had to face anyone who fired them yet expected them to work.

This screenshot opened floodgates of thoughts and emotions and Redditors shared their two cents.

Just another day where the management refuses to understand professional and contractual boundaries.