If you are a woman, it goes without saying that you will be judged for everything you do. Be it clothes, makeup, or even replying late to a coworker.

This is exactly what happened with this Twitter user. Aubry Andrews took to Twitter and shared screenshots of how a coworker harassed her because she replied late to them. What followed next was the coworker pulling the “nice” person card, followed by verbally abusing her, and later apologizing as if nothing huge had happened. This is too much to unpack.

The incident started when the coworker texted the woman welcoming her to the organization. Now, it’s a given that we cannot reply to messages in the blink of an eye and if someone is not responding that simply means that they are busy. But turns out the coworker did not get this memo. Almost half an hour later when the coworker did not receive a reply, he texted back saying “I guess the other guys were right. You do have attitude lol.” Well sorry for having a life apart from work, I guess.

Aubry Andrews’ Twitter

However, the woman clarified how she is busy with two jobs and even then the coworker asks her how can she work two jobs yet not take two seconds to reply to “someone that’s being nice to you”. A big red flag!

The woman clarified how she is not comfortable texting someone she has not met and that’s a totally fair point. But the coworker took it on themselves and decided to be an abusive prick. The woman had to mention twice that she wanted to left alone but the coworker clearly lacks comprehension.

While all of this happened on a Saturday, something changed and the man decided to pay a lip service apology on Monday. And all of a sudden, they care about “work environment” now.

Aubry Andrews Twitter

The tweet went viral and it sparked an important conversation around professional boundaries and how some people refuse to leave women alone.

It’s actually the people who make workplaces toxic.