The internet is a beautiful thing. It has turned people into celebrities overnight and has managed to change their lives, just a little bit and sometimes beyond imagination. 

The power of social media is taking over the world and a lot of good things have happened which eventually changed their lives forever.

1.This woman who became an internet sensation after a video of her beautifully singing a Lata Mangeshkar song at a West Bengal railway station went viral.

2. This young boy whose concept of having a ‘mature bag’ made him so popular that he ended up getting a brand deal with a clothing chain.

3. This cobbler whose tagline for his shop was so good that Anand Mahindra himself helped him out.

4. This TikTok sensation of Gas Puri fame who became so viral that he ended up with his own music video.

5. This Pathani kid who became the internet’s most adorable little star after a video of him went viral and now he stars in advertisements.

6. This Chai wala from Pakistan who won everyone’s hearts and ended up becoming a Fashion wala instead.

7. This homeless man who got a makeover at a salon and became the best-looking version of himself.