As the excitement for the latest season of Koffee with Karan season 7 is building, the fans are going back to some of the most iconic moments of KwK and underrated episodes/guests. Now, we wanted to do some wishful thinking. Karan Johar has primarily invited Hindi movie stars to the program, but here is a list of celebrities from various other fields who we think would make for entertaining guests and wish to see them up there with the coffee mug.  

1. Neeraj Chopra

Whether it’s advertisements or interviews, the star athlete has been entertaining whenever he has stepped in front of the camera and we have no doubt he will be great for Koffee with Karan season 7 too. Neeraj is witty, smart, and has a lot to share with the people of the country, we are sure. He is also quite honest, so all tick marks, right there.

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2. Harnaaz Sandhu

Harnaaz is technically an entertainment person and might make her debut soon but so far she hasn’t, and it would be nice to see her lively-straightforward self on the coffee couch. Harnaaz created history by becoming the first Indian to be crowned Miss Universe, 21 years after Lara Dutta.


3. Sima Taparia

With so many back-to-back shaadis in Bollywood over the last few years, we think it would be very interesting to call someone from the wedding industry to Koffee with Karan. Sima is quite blunt, too, she is going to ace all Koffee with Karan games for sure. 

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4. Tanmay Bhatt

Tanmay Bhatt, again, is a complete KwK material and needs to be brought on the show because you know what? If he goes there, he will make a blog about it and we will get to see the BTS of the show and who does not want that?!

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5. Zakir Khan

Comedians have been on KwK before, and Zakir Khan would actually make a good choice for this season. He is funny, that goes without saying, but also poetic and always has some wisdom to give. Zakir is one of India’s most popular comedians and he has risen to the top with sheer hard work. W’d love to know more about it.


6. Gaurav Kapoor

How about inviting another ‘champion’ of a talk show host? Gaurav will actually make for the perfect guest because he is hilarious, extremely conversational and you’d best believe, full of ‘lesser-known facts’ about cricketers. Karan, you have to make this happen, please. 

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7. Shashi Tharoor

Shashi Tharoor has been very good in all interviews and can sass the hell out of people when he wants. He’d make a great guest for Koffee with Karan news season 7 without any doubt. He will kill it in the games, and we all might learn some new words in the process so that’s great.

Shashi Tharoor

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8. Yashraj Mukhate

Yashraj’s songs have provided us with great entertainment over the last few years and we are sure he will have lots to tell about his process and how it feels like to garner such an intense following so fast. The guy is a social media legend, he needs to come on Koffee with Karan


Looks like we have the alternate KwK season 7 guest list ready.

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