When Aishwarya Mohanraj posted her picture with a ring, I wasn’t the only one who asked for ‘the vlog’. My point is, even though it sounds sad, a lot us were waiting for the proposal vlog and it was every bit as wholesome as we expected it to be. It was more than just a proposal… it was content. 

The entire ‘propose kab kar raha hai?’ content arc was too real and funny. And, we just might miss it a little bit. 

But here are all the times when Aishwarya Mohanraj was too relatable and desi:

1. Parties are meant for sitting in a corner with a plate full. 

2. Boyfriend > Content. I don’t make the rules, Aishwarya does (for all us single sappy girls)

3. Text par toh koi bhi cute lagta hai. Don’t meet me IRL.

4. I’m not proud of it. But, lehenga toh always ready hai.

5. Why am I so awkward? Thank you bolna kitna mushkil hota hai?

6. “Pehle tum bolo, nahi pehle tum bolo” is the only thing more cringey than my sappy FB statuses about my first crush.



7. Papa ki pari hun main… till the time I ask him something. Anything. *Sigh*

8. With parents – you can’t tell, you’ve to ask.

9. Pyaar vyaar ek taraf, celebrity crush ki apni jagah hai.

10. Mai shaadi karungi toh Sabyasachi wala designer lehenga pehen kar hi karungi.

11. Because, mummy thinks you’ve never had sex… never will.

12. Why is Aishwarya Mohanraj the best comic? Because, she made a PPT. 


Aakash and Aishwarya, no pressure but we’re waiting for the shaadi vlog.