Bigg Boss 16 has been entertaining us every day with the fun, drama, fights, and romance it holds. The BB house is not an easy place to live in for the contestants who come from the entertainment industry. Every day comes with a task and, of course, the iconic Bigg Boss anthem. While all the contestants in the house are keeping up with their entertainment game, no one seems to replace Abdu Rozik and his charm.

You can officially name Abdu as the entertainer of the BB house. From entertaining the camera to his fun sessions with other housemates, everything he does is so endearing. We picked some of the best Abdu moments from Bigg Boss 16, so you know why the janta loves him so much.

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1. When Salman Khan praised Abdu.

It’s impossible not to fight in the Bigg Boss house, but Abdu has made an exception. Throughout one month of the show, he has kept his charm and been himself on the show. Salman Khan highlighted the fact that everyone else in the house is trying to be someone else or playing wild games. But Abdu is an inspiration for all of them to be candid and real! We totally agree.

2. When Abdu found his crush in the Bigg Boss house. Guess who?

The cutest contestant on Bigg Boss 16 is crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. He was so wooed by her that he couldn’t stop complimenting Nimrit and was roaming around her. In fact, the other contestants teased him for Nimrit and my my the way he would start blushing. Shiv once said, “Tujhe butterfly hota hai kya aise Nimrit ke sath beth ke.” 

3. When he made the sweetest Diwali wish.

Abdu’s fan following is not just limited to the housemates but the janta also. He made the sweetest Diwali wish for everyone and clearly, it was dhamaka. Here have a look:

4. Abdu & Sajid duo

The two seem to be really close to each other. Abdu keeps up with his entertaining performances with Sajid, they also do a “Long Son Short Son Show” in the BB house. Abdu once missed his home and family members and talked about it with Sajid.

5. When Tina and Abdu had the most heartwarming conversation.

Abdu makes sure he interacts with everyone in the house. We picked two of his sweetest conversations with Tina and you’ll love them too. Tina Datta was flirting with him and made some comments that left Abdu in awe. “You have got amazing cheeks. I love your smile also.” Watch his reaction here:

When Abdu called Tina the most beautiful girl and they also said I love you to each other.

6. When Abdu consoled MC Stan who was missing his home.

Abdu and MC Stan share a good bond, as we often see them having many heart-to-heart conversations. It’s hard to live far from your family, and the contestants in the BB house often miss their family members. Abdu ensured he was there for his friend Stan and gave him a warm hug.

7. When he shared his pet story with Tina.

Tina Datta recently lost her doggo and was extremely sad about it. Abdu gave Tina a warm hug and motivated her with one of his stories and we totally love him for this. He told Tina about one of her kharogosh and how close he was to him.

8. When Abdu Rozik recreated Pushpa’s iconic dialogue.

During the Shanivaar Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan asked the contestants to recreate Pushpa’s iconic dialogue. Well, no one did better than Abdu, here’s proof.

9. When Abdu received a gift from Salman.

You have to earn everything in the BB house, nothing comes for free. Abdu had earlier shared that he wants workout equipment in the Bigg Boss house. Well, during the Shukravaar Ka Vaar episode he got lucky as Salman gifted him dumbbells. His reaction was wholesome.

10. When Abdu discovered a way to spend time with his family in BB’s house.

Keeping up with his entertainment session, Abdu found a way to spend time with his family and here’s how he did it.

Abdu Rozik is the new captain of the BB house now, and we cannot wait to watch his leadership skills.

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