Welcome to Bigg Boss, the house of drama, romance, entertainment and more. Now that the sixteenth season of Bigg Boss is here, it has been already ruling the television screens for over 20 days. Bigg Boss 16 is getting meatier day-by-day with contestants using their respective strategies in the game. And just like every other previous season, this season also has romance and battle brewing up among housemates, adding up to more drama.

Today as we eagerly wait for Day 21 episode, let me tell you it will be extra special. No, not just due to Salman Khan hosting tonight’s episode but there will be ‘triple vaar’ this time.

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Before you start wondering about it, let’s take a quick recap of what has been happening inside the BB house.

1. Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot resolved their fight

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot have been going on and off with their equations these days. There is a third person in their story and that’s Sumbul Touqeer. Sort of a love triangle as you might call it. Tina has been quite jealous of Shalin getting close to Sumbul but it looks like everything is fine between them. Both Tina and Shalin resolved their issues with a warm hug in the last episode. So, Bigg Boss had informed Tina that her pet is sick. She got upset after hearing the news. Shalin gave her a warm hug and later BB called them in the confession room and asked to not fight again.


2. Shiv Thakare as captain is not contestants’ favourite

Shiv Thakare, who recently won a captaincy task after defeating her co-contestant, Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary, has been quite a hot topic in the BB house. Reason? His game strategies as the captain. Almost all the contestants discussed Shiv’s strategies that he is not just playing the game, he is splitting the housemates for his own benefit. “Shiv plannings karta hai. Tum logon ne kya head bana rakha hai Shiv ko?” Priyanka had said last night.

3. Romance wind is blowing up too

Priyanka Chahar and Ankit Gupta, who have earlier worked in Udaariyaan, the TV show, are finally getting closer to each other in the BB house. Romance is brewing for sure. Not just them, audience has witnessed Gautam Vig flirting with his co-contestant Soundarya Sharma at times and both of them also got cosy in the last episode. And guess what? Abdu Rozik, who has been a topic of discussion for his dating life and marriage, has got a crush in the house. Abdu is going gaga over Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia these days. What a cutie he is.

4. We also have a gossip-monger in the Bigg Boss house

…and that’s Archana Gautam! Both Archana and Bigg Boss enjoy gossiping about housemates. Archana, who is mostly seen fighting with other contestants over household chores, has been sharing all the gup with BB about all the romance brewing up in the house. “Gautam aur Soundarya ka chal raha hai…” Archana had revealed in the last episode. Of course, there was more fun.

Okay, okay! Enough about the recap. Let’s focus on tonight’s dhamakedaar episode which will feature not just Salman Khan but Karan Johar too.

1. Salman Khan aur Karan Johar ke saath hoga triple vaar

Karan Johar, who had previously hosted Bigg Boss OTT, will grace tonight’s Diwali special episode. Bigg Boss posted a video of the promo from the upcoming episode on Twitter. In the clip, Karan can be seen saying, “Aa rahe hain hum aur Bigg Boss ka level hoga up.” All the contestants will wish their fans, ‘Happy Diwali’ tonight. The video also gives a sneak-peek of Bhediya stars, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon coming up on the show this time to promote their film.

Watch the video of the promo here:

2. Bigg Boss will turn into horror house

The episode will have a lot of masti-mazaak in the Bigg Boss house and that too raat ke andhere mein! In the promo video posted by Bigg Boss, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia can be seen making plans to scare Priyanka Chahar Chaudhary and Archana Gautam. In the clip, Nimrit puts her hair in the front and says, “Agar Priyanka and Archana ke saath kuch karna hai toh mai ready hoon..” Then, we see some contestants lifting a housemate covered in white sheet. The clip also shows a sneak-peek of a major drama coming up.

Watch the video of the promo here:

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Woooaah! That was quite fun. Well, we can’t wait for the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 16. Are you excited for tonight?

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