Bigg Boss is back with a bang! Although we have only seen two episodes from the new season of India’s biggest reality show, we’re pretty confident that Bigg Boss 16 will also be a blockbuster with lots of entertainment and rivalries already brewing inside the circus-themed house.

In the exciting Bigg Boss 16 premiere episode, we saw the OG-host Salman Khan introducing the celebrity guests who’d be gracing the house this season. Among the popular BB contestants this year: there is a viral Tajikistani singer Abdu Rozik, the Uttaran stars Tina Datta and Sreejita De, the Choti Sardarni fame Nimrit Kaur AhluwaliaFemina Miss India 2020 runner-up Manya Singh, popular rapper MC Stan, TV actor and winner of Bigg Boss Marathi Shiv Thakare, filmmaker Sajid Khan, among others. 

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On the first day-first show itself, we got the idea that this new BB 16 season would be fast and forward, with equations and emotions escalating pretty quickly. On the premiere day, Bigg Boss offered an opportunity to the first BB 16 contestant, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, to become the house captain, provided she allocated each BB contestant who entered after her – a bed and a house duty.

Bigg Boss 16
Bigg Boss 16 – ColorsTV

As Nimrit becomes a strict taskmaster to complete her duty, she gets into a row with co-contestants Manya Singh and Archana Gautam over bed allotment. Although the argument cools down quickly, we see the grudges from the night being carried forward to the following day at the BB house.

Bigg Boss yesterday episode was full of masti, drama, and emotions. In short, it was the most promising and entertaining headstart for the new season. While Abdu entertained us all with his hilarious, we also got a glimpse of his deeper side when he engaged in a heartfelt conversation about his personal life with MC Stan and Sajid Khan.  

While we thoroughly relished the entertaining phone call tasks, we also saw heated arguments between Nimrit and Archana (who already appear to be arch-rivals) and MC Stan and Gautam. Besides, Bigg Boss also desires contestants to be more transparent this season. He called MC Stan to the confession room and questioned him about seeming aloof in the house. Additionally, he also called former co-stars Teena and Sreejita and asked them to give clarity to the audience about their rapport.

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Bigg Boss 16 contestants
Bigg Boss 16 – ColorsTV

So much has already happened in mere two days that we cannot help but be on the edge of our seats as we wait for the next BB episode. Here’s what you should watch out for on Day 3 at the Bigg Boss house.

1. Abbu Ka Swayamvar

By now, we know that Abdu is one of the most entertaining BB contestants this year. In the upcoming episode, we will see Tina and Shiv teasing Abdu. Bigg Boss has released a glimpse of a scene where Tina will be seen subtly flirting with Abdu when Shiv will question the latter if he likes Archana. We will see Abdu blushing and dodging the conversation.

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Twitter is also loving Abdu!

2. Priyanka & Ankit: Romance or not?

We got a glimpse of the looming chemistry between the Udaariyan lead pair Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta in the premiere episode when Salman Khan asked them to do that maintaining eye contact without blinking task. Is it a budding romance or not?

To quell our speculations, Bigg Boss has dropped another promo for the upcoming episode where contestants can be seen questioning Ankit about his relationship with Priyanka. However, the former clarifies that the two are friends, and he’s clear that he does not want any future while Priyanka desires one. The contestants also hint that her affection for him appears to be more than friendship.

Here’s how people are reacting to #PriyAnkit equation in the Bigg Boss 16 house.

3. The Nomination Task.

We will be witnessing the first-ever nomination task in the Bigg Boss 16 house in the third episode itself. From what it looks like, contestants are supposed to set fire to the photo of the housemates they wish to nominate.

Not just this, there’s also some trouble on the way for Tina, Soundarya, and Manya, who will get punishment from BB to do all the house tasks until he orders otherwise. It seems like they got punished for apologising while nominating.

It’s clear that BB does not want contestants this year masking their competitive spirit by being diplomatic to be on good terms with everybody.

Here’s how Twitter has been reacting to this unanticipated shocker from Bigg Boss.

From romance to rivalries, from upfront competition to sly diplomacy, the new Bigg Boss season has shown everything in only 3 days. The promos for the upcoming episode seem supremely entertaining, and we just can’t wait to watch the full episode!