The most popular show on television Bigg Boss 16 has been an adventure to watch on the screen. The constant dose of romance and drama has kept us all glued to the screen. It’s been a month since Bigg Boss season 16 aired and there’s a lot to that has happened. From brewing love stories, and captaincies to the wildest fights, the BB house stores everything in one place.

Coming back to Bigg Boss house captaincies, one thing is sure it is not everyone’s cup of tea as the housemates are not very kind to the captains. While I write this piece Abdu Rozik is the new captain of the house and we cannot wait to see how it goes.

Let’s take a quick tour of the BB house captains so far and how well they performed their captain duties.

1. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia

She was the first captain of the BB house and did a great job too. While everyone was adjusting to the house and getting to know each other, Nimrit ensured a smooth flow in the house. During one of the shanivaar ka vaar episodes, Salman pointed out how she is vocal and doing a great job in the house.

She talked about her captaincy and said:

It was difficult because when you enter the game, you don’t understand the temperament of people, but I was trying.

2. Shiv Thakare

Talk about wild strategies in the BB house, and Shiv’s captaincy would just fit right. After an eventful task between Priyanka and Shiv, he won the captaincy task. While things started off pretty smooth but later turned into a disaster for him. The contestants in the house thought he was very lenient as captain, and his sole purpose was to please people in the BB house. Later, Bigg Boss fires him for not being able to be a fair captain. 

3. Gautam Vig

Gautam’s captaincy didn’t go quite well in the house. The contestants spoke about him not being able to take stands and being biased. He even neglected to mention that Soundarya Sharma spoke in English, which is not acceptable in the BB house. Finally, Bigg Boss fired him from his captaincy and said: “The reason you wanted to be the captain is the reason it is being taken from you.”

4. Archana Gautam

When Bigg Boss fired Shiv as the captain, he turned the table in the house. BB picked Archana, the most mischievous person in the house, as the captain. Well, even though we witnessed a lot of drama because of it, the captaincy was nothing but a punishment for her. The housemates in the house didn’t make it easy for her and ensured to give Archana a hard time. After a while, she was relieved from her captain duties.

The most entertaining person in the house, Abdu Rozik is the new captain and it looks like things have been pretty okay so far.

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