Cinema knows heartbreak. There are a variety of films out there that just get the soul-crushing intensity of a troubled relationship or lost love. Some scenes are unforgettably emotional, taking us back to the past where we might have experienced the same. Who said romance was ever easy with so many feelings and never-ending worries? But we can’t do without it either. So, we push and pull, bound by the luck of our destinies, till being together becomes everything.

Here are 24 intense romantic movies that’ll suck you into their atmosphere of tension and passion, one solid scene at a time.

1. Drinking Buddies

Director: Joe Swanberg

Kate works with Luke at a beer brewery. She always had a thing for him but never showed it. When they go for a chance weekend getaway, new emotions surface, complicating matters.

Intense Romantic Movies

2. Lost In Translation

Director: Sofia Coppola

Charlotte, a young American woman trapped in a loveless marriage with her uncaring husband, strikes a strong bond with an older man in Tokyo. But boundaries hold them back.

Intense Romantic Movies

3. A Ghost Story

Director: David Lowery

A passionate marriage ends when the husband dies in a freak car accident. This brings in times of intense depression and longing for the wife, while he watches over her as a ghost.

Intense Romantic Movies

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4. Begin Again

Director: John Carney

Two songwriters, Greta and Dave, are longtime sweethearts. When Dave gets famous, he cheats on Greta, and leaves her. Now alone and broken, she must find a way to begin again.

Intense Romantic Movies

5. Ruby Sparks

Directors: Jonathan Dayton, Valerie Faris

Calvin is a cynical author going through writer’s block. To fire up his imagination, he creates a fictional character that magically comes to life and starts a life-changing relationship with him.

Intense Romantic Movies

6. Wicker Park

Director: Paul McGuigan

Matthew is crazy about Lisa. As their relationship is on the rise, Lisa suddenly vanishes. A girl next door, Alex, offers to help him find her, only to make matters worse for the desperate lovers.

Intense Romantic Movies

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7. Her

Director: Spike Jonze

Theodore spends most of his time alone. Everything is gloomy till he downloads the world’s first artificial intelligence OS and gets addicted to it. But technology isn’t real love, as he finds out later.

Intense Romantic Movies

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8. Carol

Director: Todd Haynes

Therese falls for Carol the moment she sees her. When they get talking, there are fireworks. They secretly begin a forbidden relationship that drives both women mad with emotion and desire.

Intense Romantic Movies

9. Blue Jay

Director: Alexandre Lehmann

High school ex-lovers Jim and Amanda haven’t talked in 20 years. One day, they come face-to-face in their hometown. Soon, they’re talking about old times and speeding back to the past.

Intense Romantic Movies

10. Anomalisa

Directors: Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson

A lonely man is travelling for work when he meets a woman who instantly catches his attention. He feels obsessed with everything about her. They plan to run away together, but fate has other plans.

Intense Romantic Movies

11. Away From Her

Director: Sarah Polley

Fiona and Grant have been inseparable for almost 50 years. They’ve had a great life, with faint traces of a murky past, when Fiona starts forgetting everything as Alzheimer’s takes over her.

Intense Romantic Movies

12. Punch-Drunk Love

Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Barry is a troubled guy. He’s socially awkward and dominated by his family. Out of frustration, he calls a phone sex operator. What happens next threatens to kill his bond with a new girl, Lena.

Intense Romantic Movies

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13. Reconstruction

Director: Christoffer Boe

On a strange night, Alex leaves behind his lover and follows an unknown woman. They begin a heated affair, but when he tries to return, he learns that his home and girlfriend have vanished.

Intense Romantic Movies

14. Leaving Las Vegas

Director: Mike Figgis

A once-famous Hollywood screenwriter is now just a raging alcoholic. He meets a hooker who takes charge of him, and tries to change his ways for the better, but their story is doomed.

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Intense Romantic Movies

15. Bridges Of Madison County

Director: Clint Eastwood

Francesca, a small town housewife, has dedicated her entire life to family. But when she meets a travelling photographer, they develop an intense equation that’ll last a painful lifetime.

Intense Romantic Movies

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16. Equals

Director: Drake Doremus

Nia and Silas work in a very different futuristic world. All human emotions have been erased. Still, they’re attracted to each other and finally decide to run away from all restrictions.

Intense Romantic Movies

17. Candy

Director: Neil Armfield

Candy, an artist, is happy with her poet boyfriend, Dan. But when they both fall prey to heroin, their lives slip out of control, challenging their commitment and very wellness of mind.

Intense Romantic Movies

18. The English Patient

Director: Anthony Minghella

A kind nurse cares for a badly burnt plane crash survivor. No one knows who he is, so she tries to recover his identity when they’re left alone during a WW II evacuation, strengthening their bond.

Intense Romantic Movies

19. Bright Star

Director: Jane Campion

Fanny wants to be with dreamy poet, John Keats. They grow closer over deep conversations but Keats can’t commit to her as he’s still struggling and can’t afford to build a family.

Intense Romantic Movies

20. The Light Between Oceans

Director: Derek Cianfrance

Tom and Isabel live peacefully in a solitary lighthouse. Their prayers for a baby are answered when a little girl lands up on the shore. They adopt her, without thinking about the consequences.

Intense Romantic Movies

21. Like Crazy

Director: Drake Doremus

Jacob and Anna can’t imagine life without each other. They get married, only to be torn apart by circumstances. They try their best to stay together, but distance finally gets in the way.

Intense Romantic Movies

22. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Director: Stephen Chbosky

Charlie, a reserved school student, befriends a feisty girl called Sam, and her brother. He pines after her, but she dates older boys. Rejected, Charlie’s hidden demons try to overcome him.

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Intense Romantic Movies

23. Never Let Me Go

Director: Mark Romanek

Tommy is with Ruth. Kathy loves Tommy. They all study together at a boarding school. But when the terrible truth about the dark future is revealed, everyone’s chemistry changes.

Intense Romantic Movies

24. Lars and the Real Girl

Director: Craig Gillespie

Lars is shy to the extent that he barely even speaks. His family worries about his isolation till he brings home a ‘girl’ he likes, who turns out to be a life-size doll, leaving everyone shocked.

Intense Romantic Movies

Go, cry your heart out.

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