Karan Johar is an absolute style icon, take his looks in all the seasons of KWK for instance. Since we are eagerly waiting for Season 7 and just can’t wait to see the absolute bangers that Karan Johar’s outfits are and the fun games that he brings, let’s see some of his looks from the previous seasons till then. 

Karan can slay any look, here’s the proof.

Season 1 Episode 3

Karan Johar’s looks in the initial seasons were rather simple inspired by the fashion of that time. In this episode he was wearing a not-so-fitted striped blazer with a huge logo on the side, paired with blue denim, giving us a cool look.

Season 1 Episode 5

Corduroys were all the craze back when season 1 of KWK was released in 2004. Karan also adorned them in this look from Season 1, Episode 5, pairing it with blue denim.

Season 2 Episode 8

Black, white and blue, the perfect colour options to make a perfect attire. A solid shirt with a striped blazer paired with denim, a look you can absolutely steal.

Season 2 Episode 18

If you need a formal yet casual look, you can take inspiration from this look of Karan Johar from Season 2. Have fun pairing greys and blacks, creating an amazing look.

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Season 3 Episode 13 

Whenever in doubt, go with all black. A look you can never go wrong with.

Season 3 Episode 10

Black and white, another classic. Karan Johar has worn the combination on several episodes, each time adding a hint of detail that totally locks in the entire look.

Season 4 Episode 1

If someone can slay in a red velvety jacket, it’s Karan Johar. He wore it with a white shirt with black detailing and paired it with a black trouser. Absolutely classy!

Season 4 Episode 12

Who wears a zipper beneath a formal blazer and looks stunning in doing so? Definitely, Karan Johar! Pairing it with a blue pocket square gives it just the little tinge of colour that the look needs.

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Season 5 Episode 4

Again a black outfit with a hint of white. The fun part? It was perfectly complementing his guests’, Ranveer and Ranbir’s, black and white attires.

Season 5 Episode 8

Season 5 was full of all blacks with tiny hints of colours and other embellishments. The white detailing on the black suit is giving it a more sophisticated look.

Season 6 Episode 8

Remember when Karan Johar didn’t really care about how he looked and just appeared in his PJs? Well, he still slayed with that look. He even hangs out around the house in style.

Season 6 Episode 19

And this look from season 6. Look at those fun patches of art around his coat adding a splash of colour and funk to an otherwise black outfit.

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Karan Johar’s looks and style have evolved throughout the six seasons of Koffee with Karan and we can not wait to see what looks he adorns in the upcoming Season 7, releasing on 7th July.

Watch Koffee With Karan Season 7 trailer here. 

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All the images are screenshots from the show on Hotstar.