As much as we’re trying to keep calm, the anticipation of Koffee With Karan’s season 7 is not helping. The Disney+ Hotstar show has created quite a hype, even before it starts streaming on July 7. It’s like we’re all waiting to catch-up on industry ‘tea’ from the past four years. I’m quite literally filling this time, watching old episodes. 

And, among all the guests that appeared, Alia Bhatt is someone who had quite a journey on the show. From talking about her crush on Ranbir to laughing on herself, it’s like watching someone you know – that’s how relatable and fun it gets. 

And, these are some moments that are proof of it:

1. When Alia manifested her crush into her life, on national television. We all need tips.

2. When she won the “TV/radio-type-looking” hamper for a quiz, and shut the trolls. 

3. When she was too relatable. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do.

4. When she was unapologetically honest, no matter what KJo threw.

5. When she was funny without knowing it. Jokes and all are fine, but imagine accepting THIS on national television. 

6. When food was her priority. YES, why wouldn’t you cry if you’re hungry?

7. When KJo asked her to sing a song and she fumbled into singing an aarti. Yet, owned it and how.

8. When she talked about dating at 16, and left us with a relationship advice. 

9. When she was quite literally all of us, forgetting our diets at the first site of food. French fries >>>

10. When we witnessed a celebrity as a normal person. Thanks to Alia Bhatt. 

How many times is too many times, to watch the same episodes again?

Watch Koffee With Karan Season 7 trailer here. 

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