If there was one character we desperately waited for in Panchayat Season 2, it was Pradhan Ji’s daughter – Rinky. Throughout Season 1, Pradhan Ji always talks about Rinky but we are not introduced to her – until the last shot of Season 1, where we see Abhishek and Rinky bump into each other at the water tank.

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Rinky is shown as the dutiful daughter of Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi. She has a certain innocence about her. Like all other characters in Phulera, Rinky is simple and down to earth. And this simplicity is what sets her apart.


She teams up with her father to pull her mother’s leg, offers to help her mother, and just like every girl’s parents, even her parents are worried about her marriage. And just like us, she is always looking for her phone charger.


The scenes which feature Rinky and Sachiv Ji have a very ‘high school romance’ vibe – awkward in every sense, but at the same time, sweet and innocent. The scene where Sachiv Ji offers chai to Rinky in the Panchayat Office while he bashes the Malkapur guy, who would not stop pestering Rinky, only makes us ship them harder.

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Similarly, the scene where Rinky texts Sachiv Ji after the MLA fiasco makes us root for the couple.  

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Also, remember when Sachiv Ji gets a cake for Rinky’s birthday? Too cute.

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Played by Sanvikaa, Rinky has won everyone’s heart with her simplicity and innocence – the way she speaks less, and yet, manages to convey multiple emotions. The actor has performed the character extremely well.

Panchayat is Sanvikaa’s first big project. Prior to the show, she played a small cameo in a Domino’s TVC. In an interview, Sanvikaa mentioned how becoming an actor was never her aim. She was sure that she did not want to do a 9-5 job which involved Excel sheets. While she was exploring other opportunities, one of her friends suggested she try her hands at costumes.

She never told her family she was joining the film industry in Mumbai. She left her home on the pretext that she has a job in Mumbai. Sanvikaa revealed how she randomly auditioned for Panchayat because she wanted to get on the casting database. She told how she had gone to audition for a TVC when someone came up to her and asked if she would like to audition for a TVF show too.

Much to her surprise, she cracked the role for Rinky and that’s how Panchayat happened. Even then she wasn’t sure of her screen time, revealed the actor. But things worked out and Rinky got her space. In an interview with Dainik Bhaskar, the actor said,

I think it can’t be a better experience than this. It was a workshop for me. I got a lot to learn from Neena ma’am, Raghubir sir, and other legendary actors. I can only thank our director, Deepak Kumar. He had great faith in me. I wasn’t too sure about it.

With the success of Panchayat, the actor admitted that she has a fair share of projects lined up. We cannot wait to see more of her on-screen.