Shah Rukh Khan is loved for a reason, the candid and witty responses he gives to things are raw and real. Most of the time we are wooed by even the basic things he does or says.

Recently, at a brand event, the actor was talking about the television sets he owns at Mannat and how he is a fan of the brand. 

I have one TV in the bedroom, I have one in the living room, I have another one in my little son AbRam’s room, I have one in Aryan’s room, I have one in my daughter’s room. Recently, some other redundant make of a television got spoilt in the gym, I only wait for the days when the old televisions get busted so I can quickly go and buy an LG. The cost of each television is about a lakh, lakh-and-a-half. By that calculation, I’ve spent about ₹ 30-40 lakh on televisions.

After knowing that SRK has TVs worth 30-40 lakhs, netizens couldn’t help but share some hilarious responses to this: 

King for a reason!

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