One cursory glance at your Instagram explore page and one in every five reels would be an influencer showing their flawless makeup and trendy clothes posing at a picturesque location. You decide to take a look at their profile and all their pictures show their perfect hair, makeup, and skin – something that you can hardly relate to.


Yes, those edited pictures look glamorous and gorgeous; but it’s far from reality. Consuming content regularly which features filtered pictures often makes people wonder if their textured skin is even normal. These flawless pictures often make you think that smooth skin is the only marker of beauty, especially when a large part of the audience is young and impressionable. We compiled a list of 10 brown-skin influencers who embrace their acne and skin texture and keep it real on their Instagram feed.

This, in no way, shames people who post flawless makeup videos. But hey, once in a while it does make a lot of difference, especially to young people, when they see influencers who have the same skin tone as theirs embrace all their skin without filters.

1. Megha Kamath (@meghamazing)
Megha has 10.5K followers on Instagram. She dabbles in skincare and makeup. Every post on her feed shows her acne, scars, and pores. She started her account to spread the message of skin positivity/neutrality and, overall, self-acceptance.

2. Prableen Kaur Bhomrah (@prableenkaurbhomrah)
With 233K followers on Instagram, Prabhleen keeps it real about beauty and fashion on her grid. PCOS affected her skin and her body and hence she decided to keep it real with her audience. She features luxe as well as affordable beauty products on her page.

3. Aanam C (@aanamc)
With 312K followers on Instagram, Aanam keeps things unfiltered on her Instagram. She posts makeup videos and her pictures do not have jarring photoshop that totally alters the face. She often posts pictures sans filters and has been open about her lip fillers too. She also runs a makeup brand – Wearified. 

4. Diksha Rawat (@diksharawat22)
Diksha posts vlogs, outfit inspo, travel, fashion, and beauty content. With 211K followers, she does not airbrush her skin to perfection. Her makeup or outfit videos always show her skin as it is.

5. Nainika (@badassbrownbeauty
If you are someone who wants the science behind skincare broken down in simple terms then head to Nainika’s Instagram. She keeps it raw and real with her skin on her profile. She breaks down the science behind skincare and busts some common skincare myths so that users can make a conscious decision rather than running after an advertised product. Nainika has more than 6K followers on Instagram.

6. Sarah Sarosh (@sarahsaroshh)
Once a medical student, Sarah has now moved full-time into content creation. Her content revolves around her daily vlogs, makeup, skincare, and lifestyle. She does not photoshop or airbrush her skin to mimic a satin cloth. She keeps it real about how makeup should look on the skin. In one of her YouTube vlogs, she talked about her acne scars. She has 102K followers on Instagram.

7. Aishwarya Kandpal (@indianskinblog)
With 30.2K followers, Aishwarya documents her skin, hair, and acne journey on her Instagram. Her bio reads “no filter content safe space”. Her content primarily focuses on skincare. She gives helpful tips and product recommendations.

8. Hrithika (@thehdose)
With more than 8K followers on Instagram, Hrithika’s content revolves around her jaw-dropping make-up skills and handy tips for curly hair. She does umpteen makeup swatches so you can see how a shade will look on brown skin. She keeps it real with her skin on her videos. 

9. Shelley Nayak (@shelleynayak)
With 20.2K followers on Instagram, Shelley gives skin care tips and does product reviews. She has dry skin with acne and her content has handy tips for people who have the same skin type. Apart from her skin, she also keeps it real and gives honest reviews even on gifted products.

10. Somya S (@skincarewithsom)
Somya has faced acne for a decade. With 11.7K followers on Instagram, her content revolves around skincare tips for people with acne and pigmentation. She shows her skin as it is on her feed. She puts up simple makeup videos that can be done by anyone without burning a hole in their pockets.

It is perfectly normal for skin to have texture and some pigmentation. More power to these influencers for being honest about their skin on social media.

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