Experts from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) had to step in and issue an advisory when a man choked on momos and died.


A man, in his 50s, died when he choked on momos. According to various reports, the man was drunk and was having momos at a roadside stall in Delhi. He suddenly collapsed to the floor and was rushed to AIIMS from South Delhi. 

Post-mortem reports revealed that a momo was stuck at the opening of the man’s windpipe. “The size of a dumpling is 5x3cm which is quite a big size and people should be aware when eating such type of food. Whenever such incidents happen, eye-witnesses should immediately perform Heimlich manoeuvre- a first aid medical procedure which is used to treat upper airway obstructions by foreign objects,” said Dr Abhisehk Yadav, additional professor at the forensic department at AIIMS.

The news went viral on social media platforms.

The advisory said, “momos have a slippery soft surface which can cause choking which can also be fatal if swallowed without properly chewing”. The experts found the momo through a CT scan during post mortem.