Twitter has been witnessing some major changes on its platform since the last week. Blue ticks were gone, and people were asked to pay for subscriptions and whatnot. In the middle of this storm, Elon Musk introduced a new feature where content creators could enable a subscription model. But quite interestingly, he also revealed the number of people who are directly paying Elon Musk for his Subscriptions-only content. And well, it’s quite a lot.

Elon Musk shared a screenshot where he showed people how to sign up in order to monetize their content. In that screenshot, one can see the number of subscribers the Twitter CEO has. This number is only shown to the user and not to the public. Turns out, he has 24.7K subscribers on Twitter.

People can subscribe to Elon Musk for $4 – $5 in order to access his subscriber-specific content. Let’s do the math now. So if he has around 24,700 – 24,799 subscribers, Elon Musk rakes in a whopping sum of nearly $100,000 per month (approximately ₹82 lakhs per month), which is quite a sum!

Ever since Musk shared the screenshot, people are talking about his revenue. Some are asking why people are even subscribing to him in the first place. Here’s what they had to say.

Every day there’s something wild that is happening on Twitter.