When you live with a roommate, you don’t care about much apart from expecting them to maintain a basic level of hygiene. Now imagine what it would be like if your roommate refused to shower for weeks at a stretch. That’s what happened with this woman when her roommate refused to take shower for four months.

A 23-year-old woman took to Reddit to share her experience of living with an 18-year-old roommate who did not shower for four months. The woman tried to talk to her roommate about it but the latter always brushed it off and never took a shower. To make matters worse, the roommate went for a two-hour run every morning and even then she did not take a shower for months.

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Things escalated and an unbearable stench filled their whole apartment. The woman had no option but to ask her landlord to evict the roommate. “I contacted the landlord. I explained the situation and asked if he can evict her. He came over and the second he stepped in, I could see him trying not to throw up,” added the woman in her post.

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The woman contemplated her decision and thought if she had done the right thing. Here’s what people said to her. Some questioned the hygiene while others noted that the roommate might be going through some mental health issues.

What would you do in a similar situation?