Creativity has no limit. And some of the things that people can imagine and create can actually leave us spellbound.

And the whole point of our imagination and creativity is to make our lives easier and better. So how about 25 amazing ideas that will make things a whole lot more convenient for us:

1. 30 feet away from the elevator, there's a call button so that it arrives by the time you walk up to the elevator. 

Source: Lukeallen1

2. Wash your hands at the basin and reuse the water to flush the pot.

Source: Amazon

3. Incredible water fountain design so that even dogs can drink some.

Source: rubenmleon

4. Curtain rods designed to ensure there is no annoying light gap.

Source: taharoto

5. How about a fence where you can sit and enjoy!

Source: LLcenter

6. Shopping cart with a calculator to check if you're overshooting your budget.

Source: Afrocean

7. These traffic lights in Ukraine are giving me Christmas feels.

Source: Kfinny99

8. Swinging park benches depending on what view you want to soak in.

Source: cwm2325

9. If you can read this, it's time to change the tyres.

Source: notibutme

10. Rest your drink and keep it cold too. 

Source: wolfos31

11. Batteries with USB ports to charge them. Gotta love technology! 

Source: skyraider_37

12. Smoking rooms are so passé! How about talking rooms in libraries where you can answer the phone! 

Source: Mrcrash2U

13. Notches in chairs to ensure that your bag does not slip off.

Source: Hossy25

14. Beaches with sunscreen stations. Awwwyeah! 

Source: J0hnnyArs0n

15. Imagine if you knew which compartments of the train are full!

Source: Aquilaro

16. Couple friendly benches in Sweden.

Source: Ibleedorange

17. A packet with 2 perforations. Open it more if you wanna eat more.

Source: tastydolphinbabes69

18. A phone-charging station where you pedal to get power. So you can talk on the phone and get some exercise while you're at it! 

Source: youyouxue

19. Inflatable mattresses for the back of your car. Car sex just got a whole lot more convenient! 

Source: Amazon

20. Bottle with a map of all water filling stations around campus!

Source: ivb107

21. Bike friendly stairs!

Source: Maxima23

22. Bathroom door handle with an inbuilt hand .

Source: Whippity

23. Keep your cigarettes in this recycling pouch.

Source: P4d4

24. A pharmacy with a magnifying glass to read the details!

Source: dojovit

25. More paper in the middle of a toilet paper roll. Just in case!

Source: SCd22

Which one is your favorite, let us know in the comment section below.