Picking up a new skill can be difficult but it is not entirely impossible. And what better time than the New Year to add some new skills to your repertoire? We found a Reddit thread where people shared some of the impressive skills that are practically very easy to learn.

From life hacks to party tricks, take a look at these 13 impressive skills that you can try to easily learn this year without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. “Cooking. It’s the way to the heart of the family. Even if it’s grilled cheese! LOL.”- Ears2feel

Cooking as a skill

2. “Baking. Try mastering a few things like banana bread, at least one type of cookie, and maybe muffins or cupcakes.” – myfavouriteisgouda


3. “Financial independence – setting and sticking to a budget. Managing money responsibly.” – Tressa2025

life skills

4. “Embroidery. People will look at you like you’re a witch but it’s pretty simple.” – Raaqu

embroidery - life skill

5. “Popping a bottle cap with literally anything that has a hard corner.” – MissAnthropoid

popping open a bottle

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6. “Shuffling cards correctly and doing the bridge with no table.” – starfire4377

card tricks

7. “Learning languages! I speak three fluently.” – TheLionQueen2020


8. “Rubik’s Cube. Just Google it and then spend a couple of hours learning the formulas. Boom! You have an impressive party trick.” – khadijalouise29

Rubik's cube
New Scientist

9. “Juggling. I made it my new year’s resolution to learn how to juggle. It ended up only taking an hour or so to get fairly good at it.” – TeaEarlGrayHotSauce


10. “Basic knots.” – Potential_Error_5919

Making knots
Bear Grylls

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11. “Excel formulas. For the uninitiated, it seems like dark magic. I’m not a finance or math person, but I use it to organize/edit text.” – frnoss

excel sheet

12. “Learn how to change a tyre properly and safely. It will save your ass a few times. It will also make you look like a saint if you pull over and help someone who doesn’t know how to do it.” – -Words-Words-Words-

changing tyres

13. “Origami. Just watch some YouTube videos and you can memorize them quickly.” – anonymous


What other skills would you add to this list?

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