Getting a gift for your mother on Mother’s Day is surprisingly easy when you compare it with getting a gift for your father on Father’s Day. No matter what you get for him, you will never know if he actually liked it. That’s because dads only express their emotions with three things – either a thumbs-up emoji, an “ok/okay”, or a “very good, beta“. 


To save you that trouble, we have collated a list of 20 dad-approved gift ideas that dads across the internet love with all their hearts. Read on, you might find something for your father too.

1. “Best Father’s Day gift I ever got was a handmade card that said ‘Worlds Dest Dad’ “. – careater

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2. “For me, just a quiet alone time at home. Don’t arrange any dinner dates, no errands, no going out to celebrate. Just leave me alone for 24 hours while I lay on the couch. Just 24 hours of not doing anything.” – Bluebyday


3. “Best thing I have gotten is a stuffed baby hedgehog from one of my kids. I always show people pictures of baby hedgehogs when they are having a bad day. It’s dumb and cute, but it works. He took a minute and went a step further. Perfect.” – Triple30


4. “Time with your kid. Two years ago, my daughter picked me up and we spent an early afternoon walking along the river, feeding the ducks, taking some photos, etc. This year she bought tickets for a band she thinks I’ll like and is taking me to a concert. I really don’t need “things”, but I cherish time and experiences with her. That’s Father’s Day for me!” – reluctantly_human

5. “An experience – a helicopter ride, a night of throwing axes, a cool museum. I can’t remember what I got last year from my kids and wife. I do remember that we went rock-hunting in Lake Michigan. Experiences beat things every time.” – Coachrands


6. “Flowers. I once read somewhere that most men receive flowers for the first time at their funeral.” – split-mango


7. “A day free of obligation. If there are daily chores that your dad always takes care of, do it for him. Cook him some breakfast or lunch, and just spend time with him. He will appreciate that more than anything material.” – AtlanticFit

8. “I once made my dad a bobble head of himself out of air dry clay. It wasn’t the best quality because I hadn’t ever made a bobble head before, but he LOVED it. He cried (a rare occurrence) and then showed it to every one he knew.” – ekaterinaalexandrov

9. “About eight years ago, my mom gave my dad a ‘Dad Joke’ pass for him to tell his jokes all day long. Never had I cringed so much nor laughed to a point. I almost passed out for a day.” – KuningKuningKuning


10. “A wooden back scratcher.” – BINMERC


11. If your father is into UFOs and aliens then this is a nice bet.

12. “When my daughter was around 18, she made a book for me with her own pictures and words. It followed the Robert Munch book, ‘I’ll Love You Forever’. I cried when I read it, I have had it for over 15 years and I still shed a tear whenever I look at it.” – SnowshoeTaboo


13. “I can never have enough socks.” – Lokified


14. “A couple of years ago, my daughter got me a Kindle. It was the best gift ever. Of course, she was two and didn’t have any money. But if she’d known how much I wanted it, she would have gladly bought it with my money. Instead, I had to buy it myself and then give it to myself from her. Come to think of it, she may not have ever seen the box. Kindles rock.” – deusmachina

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15. “A couple of years ago, I received a rock from my son with letters glued on. It said ‘Our Dad Rocks.’ It sits right under my computer screen and if I’m having a rough day, I just look down and I feel good again.” – JCelsius


16. “I received a personalized mug with my favorite sports team logo on it and an engraving about how loved I am as a dad and stuff. It’s heartwarming and useful. I use it most days and love it.” – ff-gunner

17. “Actually most don’t want anything but to see you guys try and succeed in life. An occasional hug and an ‘I love you, Dad’ from my boys goes a long way for me.” – Kraker20

18. “My wife bought me a keychain with a brass plate engraved with the coordinates of the hospital where our daughter was born. Not expensive, but it means the world to me.” – romeclone

19. “To drink decent Scotch with my brothers while we barbecue in the backyard, worry free.” – TheScamr

20. “Socks and undies… seriously, as you get older the simple pleasures are the best.” – ElfBingley

Some of these gifts won’t even burn a hole in your pocket.