Dogs are a man’s best friend. Pet parents and animal lovers often go out of their way to shower affection on these adorable creatures. And this woman from Jharkhand followed suit. She threw a lavish birthday party for her pet dog.

Sumitra Kumari, a resident of Dhanbad, threw a big birthday celebration for her pet dog – Oscar. She printed over 300 invitation cards for the guests. She decked the pet in a birthday suit that cost approximately Rs 4500 and even gifted him three gold lockets.

According to various reports, Sumitra also performed an aarti for Oscar and offered a goat as a sacrifice in the local Kali temple to ensure the safety of the dog. The aarti was followed by cutting the birthday cake that was adorned with multiple pictures of Oscar.

While speaking to the media, Sumitra revealed that she had rescued Oscar last year. She had spotted a dog and three puppies that were crushed near a petrol pump. When she took a closer look, she found one of the puppies to be alive. She brought the puppy home and since then Oscar has been a part of her family. She also added that things in her family are doing well now that Oscar has arrived home. Following the party, Sumitra also donated fruits to a leprosy asylum.

This birthday celebration from Dhanbad has gone viral on social media. Some also questioned the need for a lavish birthday. Here’s what people had to say about it.

Desis surely know how to throw a party.