Have you come across those videos on social media where someone speaks in a soft and gentle voice, there’s a soothing sound of tapping or scratching, and slow visuals? Those videos are called ASMR videos and there’s something mystifyingly soothing and relaxing about them. But have you ever wondered if you could create a similar video in your Indian household? An Instagram creator took this challenge and well, the answer is a big NO.

Taking to Instagram, Rajat Chhabra shared a video that shows the actual ASMR that happens in Indian households. There is no quiet place to record a soothing ASMR video. Rather you have the loud noise of your family members, some creaking of a door, loud TV volume, and whatnot. He captioned the video, “Did I miss any?”

And Rajat’s video is absolutely spot-on. I mean, I am writing this piece amidst all these sounds. If there happens to be an Indian ASMR video, it would feature

A) that one utensil that falls almost 2364435 times,

rajat chhabra video
Instagram / @clicheguynextdoor

B) a creaking door that sound of which pierces through your ears, and

indian asmr
Instagram / @clicheguynextdoor

C) TV noises that come from at least five families.

indian household asmr
Instagram / @clicheguynextdoor

We don’t want to spoil the fun for you. You have to view Rajat’s video here.


Many people agreed with the video. Rajat’s video has received over 686K views, 103K likes, and more than 300 comments. People loved the video. Some also added their observations.

Here’s what they had to say.

comments on asmr indian households
comments on asmr indian household
comments on indian households asmr
comments on indian household asmr
rajat chhabra's post comments

No sugar coating, only the truth.

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