Recently actor Shah Rukh Khan held a short Ask Me Anything session on Twitter. The actor holds short AMA sessions quite often. Fans grabbed the opportunity to ask questions regarding his upcoming projects, his movies, and his life in general, hoping to get a reply from him. Shah Rukh Khan being Shah Rukh Khan answered most of them in his trademark wit and style.

Shah Rukh Khan
Source: Masala

If you are a die-hard SRK fan, getting a reply from him would mean the world and that is exactly what happened with this user. When the #AskSRK session began, Satish replied, “Fan ka Gaurav bannene ka chance mat do sir. Reply dedo jaldi.” (Translation: Don’t give your fan a chance to become Gaurav. Reply quickly) Satish’s reply was a reference to the movie, Fan (2016), where an obsessive Gaurav decides to ruin the life of a superstar.

Shah Rukh Khan took it sportingly and tweeted, “Dara mat!” (Translation: Don’t scare me)

And this reply made Satish’s day. He took to Twitter and shared a picture of the conversation between him and SRK framed. The tweet has received more than 6K likes and over 1K retweets.

Here’s what people had to say about their conversation and the framed tweet.

What a moment!