People have varied stories when it comes to their exes. Depending on how things ended between the couple, a relationship with an ex can be as sour as lemon or even friendly. We found a Reddit thread where people were discussing the things they would do and the thoughts that would run through their minds if an ex reached out and wanted to apologize. The answers are a fun read.

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We compiled some of them and here are what 16 people had to say about that time when an ex reached out to time. Some are honest, some are mature, and others are hilarious. Read them here.

1. “I have one ex and I hope I never hear from her again. I do not want her to reach out to me at all.” – Ruminations0


2. “This happened to me via email. It read like it was an assignment from her therapist or a part of a 12-step program.” – nolotusnote

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3. “There’s always a motive.” – Kcnflman

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4. ” ‘Thanks, not necessary.’ They’re apologizing to make themselves feel better, that’s all. I’ve moved past it.” – Volkditty


5. “Depends on which one. There are a couple I’m still on speaking terms with and I wouldn’t mind an admission of, ‘Yeah, that was my bad,’ from. Then there’s the one that I would rather drag my balls through a mile of broken glass than ever see her face or hear her voice again.” – FastWalkingShortGuy

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6. “I believe Clive Owen said it best in Closer, ‘Thank you, thank you for your honesty. Now f*** off and die.'” – tdm1742


7. “I tried it once and things went south, so now I just don’t respond to anyone who reaches out.” – HTC864

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8. “I would tell her that everything she may have done is already forgiven. Forgiveness does not mean that I would ever want to spend a minute in a room with her. It just means that I don’t harbour hatred or anger towards her. The purpose of my forgiveness is not to make them feel better about anything. And even though its purpose isn’t to hurt anybody, true forgiveness, in many cases, is the single heaviest burden to carry, for someone whose wrongdoings are forgiven.” – Alternative-Mango-52

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9. “I’d be open to it but no expectations. I would be more open to the ones who dumped me rather than the ones I dumped. But still, why are you coming back? You better be ready to have that conversation.” – Red_Beard_Rising


10. “Kthnxbye. It doesn’t matter which of them it is.” – DarthGayAgenda

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11. “I really appreciate you apologizing to me. Thank you and I forgive you.” – Relative_Picture_786

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12. “Since we didn’t necessarily end things on a good note, I don’t think that would be a great idea. It’s kind of messed up when they tell you they never loved you and only told you they did because they knew it made you happy.” – Specialist_Scheme288

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13. “This happened to me twice. One got my hopes up and hurt me even more. I found the other one really annoying. So do yourself a favour and ignore and block them.” – LuciferBright

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14. “I have been through it. Turns out she just wanted a date to a wedding. After I told her I wouldn’t be able to make it to the wedding because of my prior plans, she ghosted me again. We broke up because she ‘got bored with the relationship’ and stopped talking to me.” – nonexistantauthor

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15. “Accept the apology, apologize for the shit that I did wrong as well, wish them the best and leave it at that.” – Anonymous

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16. “No thanks. I’ve moved on. No ill will, have a good life, and I am not interested.” – hibernatingcow

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What would you do if an ex reached out to you?

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