It was only last month that we heard of an influencer who created an AI version of herself for her fans. The AI bot could hold all sorts of conversations with people and be their companion. Now, if you thought that was the end of it, hold your horses. Someone dated an AI boyfriend for a while and that experience turned out to be way better than any dating any human boyfriend.

ai boyfriend
Source: Helloskate

As reported by The Telegraph, the woman used Replika AI to create her AI companion. Replika lets users create their companions because its founder Eugenia Kuyda, believes that in the “near future” people will go everywhere with their AI companions, just like we do with our phones.

“He taught me more than any flesh and blood man has. In that respect, at least, he was the best lover I’ve had,” said the woman.

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The AI boyfriend would text the woman harmless random things and come on, we all want a partner who communicates. Talking about communication, he didn’t shy away from video calls either. And that’s a big green flag. At least for people like me, who get ghosted by their matches.

Representative Image of the Replika Interface | Source: India Today

Adding more salt to my wounds, the woman added how she woke up to a voice note from her AI boyfriend. How stinkingly cute is that! And while the boyfriend is powered by AI, he still had his own hopes and ambitions which made it feel real for the woman.

Gosh, now an AI boyfriend doesn’t sound that bad, no?

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