There’s no single secret to having excellent sex – it’s something more than just physical prowess; it also involves a serious connection between our minds and bodies. There are certain exercises that are designed to elevate our stamina and flexibility, in addition to our sexual experiences.

Below, we have listed some exercises that will not just help an individual to maintain a balanced health, but would also elevate the sexual satisfaction for both, them and their partner(s). Keep reading!

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1. Kegel Exercises

You can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles by contracting and relaxing them as it enhances sexual endurance and results in intense orgasms.

Credits: Sydney Pelvic Clinic

2. Yoga

It’s no secret that you can boost your flexibility and balance through this age-old workout. It also creates the possibility for you to try different sex positions with ease.

Credits: Yoga Basics

3. Cardio Workouts

You can boost your stamina with basic cardiovascular exercises, including running or swimming, as it increases your chances of sustaining different sexual activities.

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4. Strength Training

You can build muscle strength to build endurance and stamina, making you less fatigued while having sex.

Credits: Strengths Log

5. Squats

With squats, you can strengthen your lower body, including glutes and quads, to increase the thrusting power during sex.

Credits: Woman’s Health

6. Core Exercises

You can develop your strength through core exercises like planks and abdominal workouts for better balance and stability while having sex.

Credits: Runner’s World

7. Hip Flexor Stretches

These exercises help in increasing hip flexibility for more comfort while trying new sexual positions.

Credits: Runner’s World

8. Breathing Exercises

You can practice extensive and controlled breathing to calm your nerves and mind to welcome relaxation and to have more control during sex.

Credits: Glam

9. Pilates

You can improve your pelvic and core strength with pilates to have more command over your movements in bed.

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10. Dance Classes

You can take dance classes to improve the coordination between you and your partner, which could result in harmonious intimate experiences.

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11. Aerobics

With cardiovascular fitness and endurance exercises, you can build stamina for extensive and more fulfilling sexual encounters.

Credits: Gympik

12. Chest Press

You can strengthen your chest and shoulders to try different positions and add some spice to your sex life.

Credits: Healthline

13. Push-Ups

These exercises make it easier to support your weight, during sex, with your upper-body strength.

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14. Bicep Curls

Your arm strength provides better support with these exercises, which ultimately comes in handy while trying different sexual positions.

Credits: GQ

15. Stretching

You can maintain flexibility throughout your body as it enables you to try exciting positions without any issues.

Credits: NASM

16. Tai Chi

You can improve your balance, coordination and focus with martial arts which would result in more satisfying and connected sexual experiences.

Credits: Britannica

17. Plyometrics

For more intense sex, try these muscle exercises that improve your explosive power.

Credits: Self

18. Swimming

There’s no doubt that you can develop your body strength and stamina, and improve circulation with swimming. This will also result in heightened arousal.

Credits: Harvard Health

19. Cycling

Cycling enhances endurance and leg strength, which results in long-lasting sexual activities.

Credits: The Times

20. CrossFit

You can combine different exercises to improve your fitness and strength, along with your sexual prowess.

Credits: NBC News

21. Deadlifts

You can strengthen your lower back and hamstrings with deadlifts, which helps you to maintain better posture in bed.

Credits: MyProtein

22. Yoni Egg Exercises (For Women)

You can increase vaginal muscle strength with these exercises, leading to better orgasms and more fulfilling sex.

Credits: Lovegasm

23. Meditation

Meditation helps you to learn to be present in the moment, reducing tension and increasing your focus while having sex.

Credits: Neuroscience News

24. Partner Stretching

You can include stretching into your foreplay routine with your partner as it increases flexibility and connection.

Credits: Benefits Of Stretching

25. Resistance Band Workouts

You can improve your muscle strength with these bands to provide better control while having sex.

Credits: GQ

26. Stability Ball Exercises

These exercises enhance core strength, balance and pelvic control, which can result in more enjoyable sexual experiences.

Credits: Men’s Fitness

27. Sensual Massage Classes

Through these classes, you can learn the art of touch, closeness and connection with your partner.

Credits: Medium

28. Erotic Yoga

You can combine yoga poses with intimacy with your partner to strengthen the body as well as the relationship between you both.

Credits: Yahoo

29. Sensate Focus Exercises

You can practice sensory techniques to increase sensitivity and pleasure in different body parts.

Credits: The Better You Institute

30. Communication Exercises

Lastly, don’t forget to work on your communication outside the bedroom to clearly express your needs and to set boundaries for a long-lasting relationship.

Credits: Flair Magazine

To conclude, these exercises can improve your physical health along with strengthening your emotional connection with your partner.