Remember the opening song of F.R.I.E.N.D.S? The opening line says, “so no one told you life was gonna be this way”. We can all relate to this now as adults.

As we grow older, life throws bitter and harsh truths which we all have to face. We found a Reddit thread where Redditors discussed the disturbing truths which every adult has to face whether they like it or not. The thread makes us not want to be an adult anymore.

1. “Death exists, power structures move at a glacial pace, and your body starts failing you sooner than you can anticipate (even in tiny ways; that’s life).” – dkromd30

2. “Life maintenance. You are gonna have to wash those dishes. And do your hair. All your hygiene and house cleaning. It never ends.” – VexOut

3. “Unexpected family deaths.” – SunTzy69

4. “The mail your parents got that you wanted as a kid?? Yeah… it’s just bills.” – jbrown3152

5. “Caring for your parents as they weaken and die. If you are lucky, they keep their wits until the end.” – AblativeLaser

6. “That unless you are very careful, your body will start to break down after 50 and there’s nothing you can do about it.” – Keithninety

7. “The chances of you having a day where you can just f*** off and do nothing become vanishingly rare.” – BitPoet

8. “You will have friends who turn out to not have been friends. Some people aren’t good people.” – LivingLosDream

9. “You also will outgrow friends and that’s okay. I’m nearing 50 and there are people who are no longer in my life, simply because I’m not in that part of my life anymore. Nothing ‘happened’ per se, it’s just that you move in different directions.”  – SuchLovelyLilacs

10. “Life is not fair. It will never be fair. You’re not guaranteed happiness and hard work doesn’t always pay off. You can do the absolute best you can and still not make it in this world. Such is life.” – Rootrazz

11. “Like toilet paper, the closer to the end, the faster it goes.” – Suspicious-Bear-8940

12. “In a lot of ways, succeeding as an adult means constantly challenging yourself to be in situations that are really uncomfortable. This applies to work, school, social life, and even just the day-to-day life of getting shit done.” – zazzlekdazzle

13. “Money is, unfortunately, going to dictate a good 80% of your life decisions in some way.” – Tsubinki

14. “You’re ultimately responsible for taking care of and protecting yourself. Not your parents, not your teachers, not your doctors. You. Just you.” – woebegotten_wastrel

15. “Other people’s choices are not yours to make.” – nippleships

16. “I think a shockingly large percentage of people regret becoming parents. But it’s a very ugly and politically incorrect conversation, so no one talks about it.” – amitnagpal1985

17. “People are always going to act in their interests, and that may not vibe with the person you’ve made them to be in your mind.” – donut_party

Adulting is no easy job. It is difficult and dreadful.