As a kid, I was always excited about the Republic Day parades on TV. The colourful tableaux of states and departments, the march-past, the folk dances, it was such a treat to watch. This seems like the perfect opportunity to recollect some of the iconic Republic Day images over the years.

1. First Republic Day Flypast, 1950.

Economic Times

2. Machine symbol in the Republic Day Parade, 1952 depicts growing industrial development in India.

India History Pics- Twitter

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3. Uttar Pradesh tableaux depicting Shakuntala, 1956.

India Times

4. Ganga Jaisalmer Risala, Camel Corps, in the Republic Day Parade, 1956.

India History Pics- Twitter

5. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru presented awards to Harish and Avinash Kaur. They were the first recipients of the awards for outstanding courage and social work in 1958.

times Now

6. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip in Republic Day Parade, 1959.

Wion News

7. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi participated in a dance performance by folk dancers from Rajasthan, in Republic Day Parade, 1970.

Times Now

8. Tanks in the Republic Day Parade, 1973.

9. The surface-to-air missile displayed for the first time in the Republic Day Parade 1973.

Times Now

10. Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma at the Republic Day Parade, 1985.

Times Now

11. Indian Army members on camels stand guard near the Rashtrapati Bhavan for beating retreat, 1990.

India Today

12. Nelson Mandela at the Republic day Parade, 1995.

13. The Prithvi missile during the 47th Republic Day parade in 1996.

Times Now

14. Kargil War tableaux at the Republic Day Parade, 2000.

15. A BSF personnel displaying his skill on a motorcycle during the Republic Day Parade, 2006.

India Today

16. BrahMos on display for the first time during the Republic Day Parade, 2009.

India Today

I cannot wait to see what this year has to offer.