Some people have a habit of apologising for every single thing. Part of it can be attributed to their overthinking nature, but the majority of it stems from society’s implicit urge to make people feel uncomfortable for their shortcomings or for things beyond their control.

Recently, we found a Reddit post where people discussed the things they have stopped apologising for. The answers prove how people are looked down upon for even the minutest of things. Let’s take a look at them.

1. “Calling off sick when I have had perfect attendance my whole academic year.” – wakoreko

Sick day
Real Simple

2. “Not wanting to have sex.” – PurpleAd8742

apologising for not wanting sex

3. “Not being able/willing to make it to an everyday, casual, non-special occasion social gathering or event. I’m just so done with being expected to apologize, be ashamed and sorry, and have a damn good serious ‘legitimate’ excuse for simply not feeling like being social.” – ssssejin


4. “Expectations for a clean and organized house. You don’t like it? There’s the door. And, no I won’t be preparing a list of chores for you either, you’re a grown-ass adult.” – BetaGlucanSam

messy house
Capital Hire

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5. “My boundaries.” – Giannandco

personal boundaries

6. “I am no longer apologizing for not following someone else’s rules/expectations for my life. I am not sorry for my style or fashion, my taste in food, my career choice, my budget, etc. Unless I am directly influencing your life, I have no reason to apologize for how I live mine.” – BaileyHeart

apologising for my decisions

7. “My size. I have at least four diagnosed growth/metabolic and endocrine disorders – including a pancreatic tumour. As a result, I am unusually tall, muscled, broad, and very fat. Look, I am well aware that it’s not ideal. Trust me, I don’t love living with it either. But I’m not going to apologize to you or anyone else for having the body I do.” – StrangersWithAndi

apologising for my body

8. “Collecting plushies. I don’t care if people think it’s childish. It’s my interest and it brings me joy. The same note with my art. Some find it disturbing how I draw animal skulls. I refuse to put a filter on my expressions.” – DaisyDeerling


9. “Asking for help.” – TattooPuddle

Asking for help

10. “Not taking on more responsibility at work. I am maxxed out. If you need more things done, hire more people. As simple as that.” – oddballchicken

work stress
Neuron UP

11. “For questioning things.” – totrototrototro

questioning things

12. “Everything. As a woman, I feel like I’m always apologizing. I’m really trying to break myself out of that habit. If an apology is warranted, then, of course, I’ll apologize. I think before I just blurt it out like I had a tendency to do.” – Vikingtender


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13. “Taking my insulin injection in public. It’s an injection, so it’s supposed to be done in a sanitary condition. Why should I risk my health further by taking it in a dirty restroom/bathroom, just so others feel comfortable?” – Lozt_at_sea


14. “I stopped apologizing just to end a conflict that I didn’t even start.” – isamario_


Maybe you can pick something from this and add it to your new year’s resolution.

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