Asking men to not share their unsolicited opinion on women or their bodies is a challenge that no one can win. By virtue of some self-proclaimed importance, men always feel entitled to share their opinion about anything a woman does or anything she faces without being asked. The latest addition to this is men sharing their most ridiculous takes on periods and/or period leaves.


And that’s some audacity considering how some men have a botched idea of a woman’s anatomy. Periods have always been a taboo topic in this country and people have been trying to erase the stigma attached to this very normal biological function. But when some men share their asinine remarks on periods they take us multiple steps back into an archaic era.

From not understanding how painful periods are to mansplaining a woman about periods, here are 10 instances when men thought they are fully equipped to comment on periods.

1. When this man asked this menstruator to make the best out of her periods.

Some women have debilitating periods. So along with periods, they get a fever, diarrhoea, and a perpetual feeling of nausea and weakness. Getting out of bed and doing basic chores feels like a Herculean task. When this user ranted about her ordeal, this man simply told her to “make the best of it” and “do something you love.” Part of the ignorance is to be blamed on sanitary pad ads which show women joyfully running helter-skelter on their periods.

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2. When this man who employs “45 women staff” wasn’t keen on paid menstrual leaves.

You would expect better from a doctor. But, nope. The man went asked people if they would be okay if their doctor postponed their appointment because they are on their periods. He added how paid period leaves can work for “non serious professions”. Many called out his tweet and that caused a stir on Twitter which led to the man taking down his tweet.

twitter screenshot
Screenshot from Twitter / @MasalaBai

3. According to men, period leaves will fuel discrimination against women in workplaces.

Is this a sign or a warning that men might discriminate against women in workspaces if she takes her period leaves?

4. Not just him, other men share the same thought.

If a woman comes across a workplace that discriminates against her because she takes her period leaves, it will only fuel other women to not work in that toxic environment. If that turns out to be the case then we definitely need better leaders at the top. And FGS, women are not asking for a 10-day long menstrual leave.

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5. When this man compared a sanitary pad with a knife.

Last month, a woman tweeted how cinema halls don’t have menstrual products in their washrooms. She raised a valid problem. Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t have regular periods. It’s not necessary that our periods next month will arrive on the same day. It can be a day late, a week late, or even more than that. But as women, how dare we ask for these basic needs? This man’s tweet literally asks this question.

6. Talk about period leaves and Indian men start fuming.

I don’t have enough words to perfectly encapsulate how enraged this tweet has made me. This man has an issue with paid maternity leaves and now with the idea of paid menstrual leave. One of the biggest reasons why a number of Indian women, including rural women, are not a part of the workforce is that there are decision-makers who think exactly the same.

7. Only men have the ability to make menstruation about themselves.

Logic died multiple deaths when this user explained why men get “man flu” and why women menstruate.

8. When this man mansplained a woman about period cramps.

When this woman told the guy that her stomach was hurting because she was hungry, this man tried to explain to her that it was her period cramps instead. She went on to explain how her body works but he continued to rely on the knowledge that he got from the “internet and his friends” who were married or had girlfriends. Why can’t men listen to us, for once?

9. Just because women before us had it difficult doesn’t mean that it is the right way.

It’s the 21st century and it is high time we stop glorifying women who work tirelessly under the garb of motherhood. Women hardly get time for themselves even when they are sick. Our grandmothers and mothers worked even on their periods when they should have rested instead.

10. Just the right time to talk about an increase in wages.

Was this even necessary? Was this the right time to raise this question? Women don’t even get equal pay and this man wants a higher wage. Men, truly, lose their calm when women ask for menstrual leaves.

If only men got periods, I wouldn’t even need to write this article.

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