While the world where the concept of a sacrificial mother is worshipped, but when it comes to her finding happiness in life, society takes a step back. She will fight the world and then just come home and say, “Mere Karan Arjun aayenge“, because what is her own life, but her children? But this one woman broke all shackles of society


Jimeet Gandhi, a LinkedIn user, posted a story about his mother that inspires the world. 

With a caption that warms the heart, Gandhi posted a picture of his mom getting remarried at an age people consider the concept taboo. 


Gandhi lost his father in 2013 when his mother was 44 years old. Being a single parent to her kids, she did everything in her power to make ends meet. However, a mountain of difficulty rained on the woman as she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in 2019. 

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Gandhi mentioned that the hard times didn’t deter the spirit of his mother as she underwent multiple chemo sessions to defeated the disease, and “came roaring back” after two long years. But the time tested her again as she contracted the Delta variant of COVID-19 when she was undergoing cancer treatment. 

She is a warrior. She is a fighter. She is my mom.

-Jimeet Gandhi

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But beating all odds, the mother managed to even fight depression and anxiety while her life made her undergo trials and tribulations during these years. Gandhi wrote that during this period of her life, his mother was fighting alone in India while her children pursued their careers abroad. 

But she didn’t give up. She found love.

-Jimeet Gandhi

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But all’s well that ends well, and this story had a happy, fairytale ending. At the age of 52, Gandhi’s mother found love again. She got married to the man she loved and proved that the perfect ending does exist!

She decided to break all stigmas, all taboos in Indian society and married someone she loves.

-Jimeet Gandhi

Ending the LinkedIn post, Gandhi urged people to support the decision of their single parents to find companionship, as everyone deserves to be happy and love whoever they want. This not only prioritizes mental health but also ignites the will to live a content life, as age truly is just a number. 

You can read the entire post here: 

The story of Jimeet Gandhi’s mother is inspirational and overwhelming, and we hope this gives courage to everyone who wishes to find companionship at any age because love is a feeling that each person deserves to experience.