Just when we thought the craze of AP Dhillon songs had died down, we learn that this 29-year old artist now ranks in Forbes India’s ‘30 Under 30’ list in 2022.

The incredible popularity that AP Dhillon has risen to this year post the release of Brown Munde is phenomenal. No wonder, willingly or by chance, his songs swiftly made a move from Instagram reels to our playlists in no time 

He’s gone from being ‘The Next Big Thing’ in the Punjabi industry to being ‘The Big Thing’ right now! And Forbes India has just ratified the assertion.

Forbes India’s ’30 Under 30′ list for 2022 was released, and 29-year-old Dhillon was the only Punjabi artist to make the esteemed list this year.


AP Dhillon was ranked 22nd on the list, which included entrepreneurs, influencers, creators, artists, and musicians from India who have currently gained themselves a name in their respective fields.

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His hidden gems DesiresExcusesInsane, amongst many others were recently discovered by mainstream fans that stirred the Indian playlist, making Dhillon one of the most loved artists in town.