By now we all know how Bigg Boss 16 has more fun and entertainment than our lives. Every day is a new adventure for housemates, and nothing is predictable in the house. From fighting for avocados to crumbling relations of the contestants, the last episode was a bang.

There’s a lot that has happened in today’s episode and we picked some juiciest moments for you. Have a look:

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1. Shiv’s game strategy created a lot of fuss in the house.

Yesterday, Bigg Boss assigned everyone a task that led to room change allotments. We saw clashes occurring because of this- many friends split up too. Everyone in the house is now discussing Shiv’s smart strategy and how he played them all.

2. Priyanka and Ankit gave us hints about their love story.

Priyanka and Ankit just made it clear that it has always been more than a friendship. The two talked about their relationship in front of other housemates. Priyanka shared she is being more supportive of Ankit, and he needs to learn to take a stand for her too. 

3. Groupism remains the hot topic of the house.

Since the rooms have switched for contestants now, the housemates got a reality check about their friends and rivals. Politics and games are the sizzling topic in the house, and we seem to have a lot of fun with it.

4. What Tina said about Shalin shocked him!

Mc Stan and Tina discussed how everyone has started playing an individual game now. She asked Stan not to trust Shalin, saying he was not a team player.

5. Gautam and Shalin get into an argument over Sumbul.

Tina and other roommates try to pull Sumbul’s leg and try to taunt her. After this, Shalin gets extremely angry with Gautam and has a verbal spat with him. Things turn bad when they try to get into a physical fight. But now everyone is asking if Shalin’s over-protectiveness for Sumbul is good for her.

6. Archana and Mc Stan fight before the task.

Bigg boss gives the housemates a raashan task which is a chance for them to grab groceries individually. Mc Stan and Archana get a little too personal and make derogatory remarks about each other.

7. Shalin and Tina’s friendship takes an unexpected turn.

A lot of unpredictable things are happening in the house including Tina and Shalin fighting. The two get into a heated argument and look upset with each other’s behaviour. Shalin says,“you have lost the right to call me Shah.”

8. Sajid and Abdu are becoming the best duo.

The raashan task was fun because of Sajid and Abdu. The two are becoming the best duo in the house and are offering a lot of entertainment to us.

9. The raashan task in the house made every contestant happy!

The housemates are happy with the latest task the big boss gave them as they are full of groceries now.

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Clearly, Bigg Boss season 16 has been unpredictable so far and we cannot wait to watch more.

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