Television’s most popular show, Bigg Boss 16, is back on our screens, and we have some most entertaining contestants in the house. From love, romance, and fight to the best gossip session, Bigg Boss season 16 has it all.

We had Karan Johar on the show today, and it looks like the episode was a fun ride for all of us. Here are some moments from the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 that you cannot miss!

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1. Shiv’s captaincy has been the hot topic of the house.

Right since Shiv became the captain of the house, his strategy and game were much talked about. Slowly things changed, and contestants are now making fun of his leadership.

2. The night party at Bigg Boss house.

Some housemates including- Tina, Nimrit Gautam, and others, decided to have a fun night. Well, the fun night turned not-so-fun soon. Archana and Priyanka got pissed, and it intensified into a massive fight.

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3. Archana and Priyanka decided to take revenge.

The masti soon turned into a disaster as everyone in the house started screaming and fighting. Archana took the fight to the next level and crushed Gautam‘s lighter. Priyanka and Archana were in full dharna mode as they banged utensils in the night.

4. Shiv and Archana clash.

Archana complained about how Shiv couldn’t perform in his captaincy and is biased. She decided to sleep during the daytime and the warning bell rang. Shiv won’t let Archana sleep and throws water on her bed.

5. Everyone wants Shiv to be a fair captain.

Clearly, Bigg Boss house captaincy is not everyone’s cup of tea and most of them have messed up. The housemates are calling his strategies and want him to be a fair leader.

6. Bigg Boss has turned into a war zone.

Every contestant in the house wants to sleep which creates a difficult atmosphere in the house. Priyanka is taking revenge for last night by not performing her duties and creating chaos in the house.

6. Bigg Boss gives Shiv a chance to save his captaincy.

Finally, Bigg Boss stepped in to cool the down atmosphere in the house. Shiv is given a chance to reclaim his captaincy and be a fair leader. He punishes Priyanka, Archana, and Soundarya and sends them to jail. But it looks like Archana is having fun there too. Soundarya wants cookies and black coffee inside the jail.

7. Archana is the new captain. Yup, that’s right.

Nothing is predictable in the Bigg Boss house and here’s proof. After being disappointed with Shiv’s captaincy he makes Archana the new captain of the house.

8. The housemates are overwhelmed and some are happy too.

We see an interesting atmosphere in the house. Archana’s captaincy has invited a lot of retaliation in the house. People are making sure she has a hard time as they’re stealing and creating havoc in the BB house.

9. Archana is struggling.

Indeed, Bigg Boss captaincy is not an easy task, and worse when it’s given to a mischievous participant. She is trying her best to show her leadership skills.

10. Manya and other housemates come up with schemes to harass Archana.

No wonder, the contestants are not going to listen to Archana as they have already started a party at night. Well, she’s trying her best and we smell lots of drama.

I hope you’re already vibing on the Bigg Boss anthem and looking forward to watching what happens next.

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