Bigg Boss 16 is starting to get wild every day, and our interest to watch the show is growing. From Abdu being the cutest on the show to some thrilling tasks, Bigg boss is leaving no stone unturned to keep us entertained.

With so much happening on the show, I am here to give you the best highlights from Bigg Boss house. Read on. 

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1. Tina and Shalin resolve their fight.

After the chaos that happened because of new bed allotments, things were bad between Tina and Shalin. Today, Bigg Boss informed Tina that her pet is not keeping well, and she got upset and started crying. Shalin consoles Tina and gives her a warm hug, and they also talk about their fight. 

2. Big Boss asks Tina and Shalin to not fight.

We know how things have been messy between Tina and Shalin. But as soon as Shalin got to know about her pet he was there for her as a friend. Bigg Boss called the two of them into the confession room and asked them to resolve the fight.

3. Abdu Rozik has found his crush in the Bigg Boss house. Guess who?

The cutest contestant in the house is crushing on Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia. He cannot stop blushing and complimenting her beauty and we kinda agree! “You make me feel beautiful,” says Nimrit. Shiv teases Abdu for Nimrit and says, “Tujhe butterfly hota hai kya aise Nimrit ke sath beth ke.” 

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4. Bigg boss is bored of contestants and believes everyone is sleeping.

Well though the contestants wake up to the iconic Bigg Boss anthem, most of them sleep back. Now Bigg Boss comes with a cheeky task for contestants. Everyone in the house has to spill some beans on other housemates and give Bigg Boss some gossip.

5. Archana has the best gossip for Bigg Boss.

Well not just contestants, Bigg Boss is a fan of gossiping too. Archana spilled beans about a new love story in the house.

6. Soundarya and Gautam become the most talked about couple in the BB house.

Bigg Boss house is known for brewing a lot of love stories, and a new one is added to the list now. Soundarya and Gautam are making waves in the house, and we wait to look forward to what’s in store for them in the BB house.

7. The housemates are unhappy with Shiv’s captaincy.

Archana and Shiv talk about her duties in the Bigg Boss house and get into a fight. Every other contestant thinks he is biased and unable to perform his captain duties.

8. The housemates confirm Tina and Shalin are not just friends. But…

Tina and Shalin share a very good bond and it’s evident on our screens. But other housemates feel Tina might break Shalin’s heart and it’s just for the game.

9. Sumbul warns Shalin about Tina.

Sumbul subtly warned Shalin about Tina and asked him to be alert. For those who don’t know, Sumbul has a soft spot for Shalin too.

Bigg Boss 16 is balancing gossip, romance, fights and everything else so well!

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