Bigg Boss 16 is brewing some interesting drama every day, and we have two wild-card entries in the house, Archana Gautam and Golden Boys- Sunny and Bunty. With new drama heating up and the dynamics of the house changing, it’ll be interesting to watch the show ahead.

As we keep you updated with all the fun in the house, today, we tried to find out how much the contestants earn per week.

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1. Tina Datta: ₹8-9 Lakhs per week

Tina Datta is one of the well-known contestants in the BB house. She is also the most ladaku contestant on Bigg Boss 16, as most of the time, she has petty fights with her co-contestants. Her friendship with Shalin has led to janta rooting for a love story.

2. Abdu Rozik: ₹3-4 Lakhs per week

Abdu Rozi is the most entertaining contestant in the house. His sweet little presence and calm nature are loved by everyone in the house. Even Salman Khan lauded him for being his real self and not pretending to be someone else.

3. Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia: ₹8 Lakhs per week

Nimrit is a strong contestant and is playing her game well in the house. From being the first captain in the house to being vocal about her opinions, she keeps it subtle. She is known for her characters Meher and Seher in the show Choti Sardarni.

4. MC Stan: ₹7 Lakhs per week

MC Stan is the most chilled-out contestant in the house and he keeps a low profile. His friendship with Abdu and Shiv seems real and endearing to watch on screen. He is also known for his unique fashion sense and hairstyles.

5. Sumbul Touqeer: ₹12 Lakhs per week

Sumbul has been a part of the Indian television industry and has worked both in movies and TV serials. Her presence in the house has gathered a lot of drama, and things turned worse when her father stepped in. The love triangle between Shalin-Tina-Sumbul is among the many juicy topics of the house.

6. Shalin Bhanot: ₹4-5 Lakh per week

Shalin and his chicken requirements may not be something of our interest- but the feud between Shalin-Tina-Sumbul is a much-talked subject. His co-contestants have often blamed him for being pretentious and fake.

7. Soundarya Sharma: ₹3-4 Lakh per week

You don’t mess with Soundarya’s vegan food or diet. She is an actress and model and now slaying with her presence in Bigg Boss 16. In the past few days, Soundarya and Archana have grown close and become close friends.

8. Ankit Gupta: ₹6-7 Lakh per week

Ankit may seem quiet but his comebacks to other contestants are loved by the janta. The one-liners he has speaks volumes and are enough to steal the show.

9. Shiv Thakare: ₹5 Lakh per week

Shiv Thakare is known in the Bigg Boss house for his strategies, and his co-contestants are often irked by them. The television actor has been part of reality shows before, like MTV Roadies Rising and the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi.

10. Sajid Khan: Around: ₹5 Lakh per week

Sajid and Abdu duo in the house is one of the highlights of the show. So far, Sajid has been playing a fair game and we wait to see what happens next.

11. Priyanka Chahar Choudhary: ₹5 Lakh per week

Priyanka is a popular face in the television industry and now Bigg Boss too. The janta loves the pairing of Priyanka & Ankit and we hope they’re a couple soon.

12. Archana Gautam: ₹3 Lakh per week

As of now, Archana is the most entertaining and annoying contestant in the house. She is keeping up with some good drama in the house but also gives a hard time to a few contestants in the house.

13. Gori Nagori: ₹4 Lakh per week

In just 40 days of her journey in the BB house, Gori managed to grab our attention with all the fights she had with Archana. From fighting over avocados to giving Archana a tough time in her captaincy, she entertained us throughout.

14. Gautam Singh Vig: ₹4 Lakh per week

Gautam is a television actor who is also known as Indian TV’s Hrithik Roshan. While we loved his strategy in the house, the janta made a decision and got him evicted from the house.

15. Manya Singh: ₹8-9 Lakhs per week

Former Miss India runner-up, Manya Singh, had an interesting journey in the BB house. She was tough competition for everyone in the house and is now evicted. During her time in the house, she made some serious allegations against Soundarya Sharma that she tried to ruin her career.

16. Sreejita De: ₹6 Lakh per week

Sreejita De is a model and television actor who made her debut with Kasautii Zindagi Kay in 2008. Even though she is now evicted from the house, we cannot forget the controversial brawls she had with Manya and Gori.

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