Bigg Boss 16 only proves to be bigger and better with each passing day. With surprising twists and turns, this season has the right amount of drama, romance, and rivalries.

Diwali proved to be a blast in the Bigg Boss 16 house. The last week we saw Archana Gautam taking over as the captain of the house and in a shocker, Abdu Rozik got nominated for elimination for the very first time.

Archana is no longer the captain of the house. Bigg Boss tells the contestants that they need to rush to the throne in the activity area in order to be the captain. Shiv manages to race first. Sumbul doesn’t want to talk to Shalin. Tonight’s episode has a lot to look forward to. Here are the live updates for Bigg Boss 16 Day 26 that you absolutely cannot miss! 

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Bigg Boss 16 Live

5:15 PM – Priyanka is unhappy with the decision.

Archana and Priyanka are not happy with the decision. Nimrit chooses ration rather than Shiv running the captaincy race.

5:45 PM – MC Stan chooses ration over making Shiv run the captaincy race.

MC Stan chooses the ration.

6 PM – Gautam and Soundarya enter the activity area.

Soundarya skips the ration. She sacrifices the list and makes Gautam a contender for the captaincy race.

6:15 PM – Nimrit and Bigg Boss have a discussion.

Nimrit and Bigg Boss talk about how Soundarya’s decision was unwise.

7 PM- Ankit and Gautam have a face off.

Ankit chooses the ration and takes Gautam out of the race. The activity ends. There is no captain in the house now. Bigg Boss appoints Ankit and MC Stan as the people who will look after the ration. Archana has to vacate the room ASAP. Bigg Boss gives her 10 seconds to empty the room.

7:45 PM – Soundarya and Gautam discuss Ankit’s choice.

They are unhappy with Ankit choosing ration over the new captain. Archana joins them mid-conversation.

8:45 PM – Ration vs Gautam debate continues.

At the dining table, Soundarya defends her decision. She tells it was the same ration. The inmates clearly want more ration. Gautam and Nimrit fight over the captaincy and question their friendship.

10 PM – Nimrit and Abdu discuss friendship.

Nimrit says that Abdu is her only friend in the house.

12:45 AM – Archana and Priyanka discuss Nimrit.

They discuss how Nimrit is sleeping in Shiv’s room.

1:45 AM – Gautam and Soundarya discuss Nimrit’s outburst.

Soundarya defends Gautam and states how he genuinely did not have time for his friends when he was the captain and she discusses how people cannot be chuddy-buddies in a week or so. She compares her to Sumbul.

The episode was truly a watch!

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