Dil thaam ke beth jaayiye ‘coz Bigg Boss Season 16 has now turned spicier, juicier, and even more entertaining. The Day 3 episode, which was premiered yesterday, is proof of it. While some contestants got nominated for elimination from the show, a few of them were penalised to perform household chores. Ek taraf tiffs dekhi gayi toh doosri taraf budding romance or was it just a friendship? We’ll come to that later. The episode ended with Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Gautam Vig having a mature discussion to resolve issues after their heated fight.

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We know…we know…Most of you are eagerly waiting for Day 4 of Bigg Boss 16. We’ll present you all the live updates from the fourth episode right here. Stay tuned.

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8:00 AM- The day had begun with the BB alarm which sounded like a police siren. All of them gathered together and sang the anthem.

9:30 AM- Nimrit asked Priyanka why is she is preparing tea since it is not her job. Priyanka said it was for her.

9:45 AM- Manya told Archana to stop proving that the former needs help all the time.

11:00 AM- Contestants agreed to eat upma after discussion between Priyanka and Soundarya.

11:15 AM- Abdu ate a spicy food and called it crazy. He said, “pagal hai.”

12:15 PM- Shiv consoled Manya to do her own work and not focus on others. Manya shared that Shalin and Sumbul’s behaviours were not okay.

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12:45 PM- Abdu performed cardio on treadmill and joked “water coming bro like pee”.

1:00 PM- Contestants asked Abdu about Hasbulla and he then performed boxing in the air.

1:15 PM- Nimrit was called into the confession room. BB asked Nimrit to replace Manya with Priyanka for household chores.

1:30 PM- Nimrit informed that Soundarya, Priyanka, and Tina will do the work. Nimrit told Priyanka that she created ruckus in the morning as well after yesterday’s argument. Nimrit said she is being Manya’s spokesperson.

1:45 PM- BB asked Sajid Khan to perform a comic act and he can ask any housemate to help. BB added that if completes the task, he will get an important responsibility.

2:00 PM- Shalin told Sumbul that her dress collection is quite good.

2:15 PM- Manya told Archana, “yahan sab ko Siddharth aur Shenaaz banna hai.”

2:30 PM- Abdu jumped into the swimming pool. Priyanka got scared but later sang a song for him from Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar.

4:30 PM- Tina asked Abdu to go on a candle-light dinner with him. Abdu blushed and rejected the idea.

4:45 PM- Sajid performed a comic act and described each contestant making all of them laugh. He said Ankit and Priyanka are not a couple. Sajid took a dig at Shalin saying, “bahar mujhe keh raha tha tu Farah (Khan) ka bhai hai, phir tune mujhe nominate kyun kiya?” Everyone clapped. He ended it saying, “maine hathyaar niche dale hain, chalana nahin bhula.” BB asked everyone to provide feedback on Sajid’s performance. Shalin and Priyanka didn’t give thumbs-ups to him. Priyanka called it “personal”.

BB then gave Sajid a responsibility to distribute rations to every contestant in the house and asked Nimrit to make sure that happens.

5:15 PM- Shalin got pissed at Sajid about the nomination round. Sajid said, “abhi mujhe tujhpar bharosa nahin hai. Let me get that back.” Sajid then apologised to him for raising his voice. “I will not crack jokes on you ever. Tu sensitive hai,” he added.

6:00 PM- Sajid distributed rations to everyone in the presence of Nimrit. He gave all the packets to Shalin for medical reasons and Sreejita got pissed at it. Shalin and Sreejita got into a discussion over ration.

Bigg Boss asked Shalin, Sreejita, and Gautam to come into the confession room together. BB revealed the menu was changed keeping Shalin’s medical reasons in mind. Speaking about Shalin’s chicken intake about full-body workout, BB added everyone should know everything in the house.

Later, Sreejita informed everyone that Shalin was half-lying about chicken intake. Both of them got into a heated argument.

7:15 PM- Sreejita and Shalin continued discussing about the chicken. Meanwhile, Archana said BB is very “chaalaak”. “Chanakya buddhi hai uski,” she added.

8:00 PM- Priyanka and MC Stan got into a fight over picking goods.

8:15 PM- Abdu and Sajid had a fun time with each other. Abdu made Sajid say “birgir.” Both of them laughed together.

Shiv and Soundarya got into an argument over tea and coffee. Soundarya told Sajid that Shiv pointed a finger at her. She added, “chal nikal, chal nikal.” Shiv called her “didi.”

Shiv got emotional and apologised in front of some contestants.

8:30 PM- Sajid told Shiv that Soundarya is crying in the kitchen. Shiv went to her to apologise but tried to justify himself. Soundarya said, “You don’t respect me.”

9:30 PM- Tina sang Bengali song, ‘Ekla Chalo Re’ in front of Abdu. Abdu said, “You are too good.”

12:00 AM- Gautam asked Abdu to bring egg, butter, or anything from the ration desk. Abdu brought an egg for him from Sajid’s room.

1:30 AM- The episode ended with MC Stan revealing that he wants to get out of the show.

Well, well, well! The climax of Day 4 was quite a shock for us. What’s up with the drama! Well, we will know all about it in the next episode.