Didn’t we all think that the internet was the ruling kingdom for youngsters? Well, there are a number of senior influencers who are breaking new ground every single day. While they started off as a mere experiment, they have now become more empowered and viral across different social media platforms.

While some of these influencers are dancing and posing, others are painting and sharing some scrumptious recipes from their kitchen. Here are some of the older influencers who slaying the social media game!

1. Yashpal Singh & Shanta Verma AKA Mr & Mrs Verma 

This adorable couple in their seventies is giving all the young fashionistas a run for their money by breaking age stereotypes flawlessly. With over 61.7k followers, this oh-so-cute duo is the definition of perfection. From keeping up with the viral trends to donning stylish clothes, this couple is the real couple goals.

2. Poonam Sapra AKA Mother With Sign 

There’s no doubt about the fact that our mother’s advice to us is the only constant in our lives. Jotting every desi mum’s taunts and feelings on cardboard signs, this adorable mama’s account has all the gems our mothers have been telling us, since ever. With over 146k followers, her account is the perfect concoction of wit, humour and warmth. 

3. Sheela Bajaj AKA Caught Craft Handed 

I personally remember how my grandma used to knit all day long and make these cute little socks, sweaters and bags for me. If you want to revive your childhood days for warmth and love, then you need to follow this uber-cute grandma. With 34.2k followers, this daadi-poti duo offers a wide range of handcrafted products like sweaters, accessories, earrings, pouches, potli bags, socks, gloves and home decor items. 

4. Harish Bali AKA Visa 2 Explore 

With a full-brown grin and excitement flooding through his face when he visits a new place, this travel blogger is shattering all the preset stereotypes. He doesn’t visit fancy countries or cafes, he simply provides an in-depth guide of the location, explores the desi cuisines and the must-visit spots of the destinations. Unlike several millennial bloggers, he keeps it simple and fun. 

5. Dr Anjali Kumar AKA Maitri Woman 

With rich expertise of more than 29 years, she is a renowned obstetrician, gynaecologist and laparoscopic surgeon. From talking about important issues related to a healthy vagina and PCOD to giving tips and tricks to having safe sex, this surgeon explains difficult health issues in simple terms. 

6. Shanthi Ramachandran 

Post-retirement in 2015, this former banker simply wanted to enjoy her life. After her daughter pushed her to start a social media account where she could share her favourite recipes and cooking tips, she popularly became ‘Insta Aunty’ for many. With over 53.3k followers, her mouth-watering posts will instantly make you hungry. 

7. Ravi Bala Sharma AKA Dancing Daadi 

Five years ago, this influencer performed on the stage at a senior citizen dance competition, in order to fulfil her late husband’s last wish. Soon, her dancing clip went viral after it was shared by the organisers. And, the rest is history. With over 189k followers, this dancing daadi is setting new milestones for herself by pursuing her passion. 

8. Dinesh Mohan 

If you think that modelling in the fashion industry is something just for youngsters, then this influencer is here to prove you wrong. A decade back, he was bedridden and weighed 130 kilograms. Not only did he work hard in order to become healthier, but he also kick-started his modelling career in 2016. With a following of over 286k, he is a true inspiration for several youngsters.  

9. Rajini Chandy 

In 2021, this influencer had set fire on social media platforms by sharing some of her kickass pictures from her photoshoot. From ripped jeans to dresses, she was seen donning and rocking different sorts of clothes. Even though people tried pulling her down and slut-shamed her, her account with 20.5k followers is proof that she’s a badass rockstar.

10. Manjri Varde AKA Sassy Saasu 

From abstract to traditional and divine art, this art influencer, who makes paintings create a range of art for her followers. She also owns her own clothing label, which promotes wearable art, showcasing calligraphies along with poetic chants and verses. With 118k followers, her account is worth checking out. 

11. Seema Anand

Needless to say, sex is still considered taboo in our country. However, this social media page of a Kama Sutra expert is nothing short of a sex education class. From sharing tips on having better sex to talking about self-pleasure, each of her videos are super fun and informative. With 510k followers, her page focuses on informative reels and content that is definitely a step in the right direction.

More power to these amazing influencers!