It goes without saying that the primary characters in any film or series will receive the greatest attention and creativity. However, certain recently released series let us realise how vital supporting characters can be, and how crucial it is to have them well-crafted. 


A well-written minor character has the potential to eclipse even the protagonists, as some of the following characters have proved.

1. Vikas and Prahlad from Panchayat 

When a supporting character can effortlessly carry a scene without the presence of the main protagonist, you know they’re well-crafted. And in the dramedy Panchayat, Prahlad (Faisal Malik) and Vikas (Chandan Roy) are two such secondary characters. While the show isn’t short on powerful performances, both of these characters have left a lasting impression.


2. Bunty and Katekar from Sacred Games 

Sacred Games, a Netflix series that was a smash when it first aired, features some great actors who are cast in masterfully written characters. Only brilliant actors can stand out in a series with so much talent, and Jatin Sarna and Jitendra Joshi did just that. Although the screenwriter deserves a lot of credit for creating Bunty and Constable Katekar, the actors’ flawless performances made them immortal as characters.

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3. JK Talpade and Chellam Sir from The Family Man

JK Talpade, essayed by Sharib Hashmi, is a great colleague and confidante to Srikant, who made us wish for a friend like him many times. On the other hand, Chellam Sir, played by Tamil actor Uday Mahesh in The Family Man 2, is an excellent example of a compelling character. The character has captivated fans’ minds to the point where they have sought a special spin-off series starring the intriguing persona.

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4. Meena from Kota Factory

Balmukund Meena is the only character who can equal the fan base that Jeetu Bhaiya from Kota Factory has amassed. The character of an innocent and nerdy guy, unlike anyone we’ve seen in Indian films or series, is as well-written as it is portrayed by Ranjan Raj.


5. SK and Sandeep Bhaiya from Aspirants

We like SK and Sandeep Bhaiya far more than the lead character Abhilash, to put it bluntly. Have you ever seen a series where the supporting characters steal the show as well as this one? Certainly not. Both characters, who exude a lot of honesty and innocence, brighten up every scene they’re in, and that’s quite something.

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6. Bittu Ki Mummy from Gullak

Despite the fact that all of the characters in the comedy series Gullak are beautifully crafted to make them more realistic, Bittu ki mummy is a fan favourite. The series’ nameless character has no specific identity, so she may be any of the pados wali nosy aunty we’re familiar with.

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7. Jawahar from Aarya

Jawahar in Aarya, a businessman who is involved in illegal activities, is a fascinating character with several layers of complexity. Despite the fact that he acts as an ally to the Sareens, he may be somewhat unpredictable. Namit Das, a talented actor, opted to play the character he had never portrayed before and totally nailed it.


8. Saeeda Bai from A Suitable Boy

In Mira Nair’s drama A Suitable Boy, the character Saeeda Bai is a mesmerising and charming tawaif. And a well-written character played by a phenomenal talent like Tabu is hard to miss. She not only captivated Maan Kapoor but also stole our hearts over the course of a few encounters.

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9. Neena Gupta from Masaba Masaba

We have watched Neena Gupta nail practically every on-screen character she played even before the partly biographical series Masaba MasabaHowever, we saw the actor play herself for the first time in this series, which follows the life of designer Masaba Gupta. And it would be an understatement to say that she is as dynamic and fascinating in real life as the characters she has played on screen.

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A film or a series is only as good as its cast, and these few series have nailed it when it comes to creating compelling characters and casting the perfect actors to play them.