The king of cathartic yelling and performing thoughtless antics – Puneet Superstar – has found himself in an unpleasant situation. Fans of ‘Lord Puneet’ woke up to see their favourite content creator’s account disabled on Instagram. His account cannot be found on Instagram. When you go on to his profile, the page turns blank.

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Puneet Superstar was last seen in Bigg Boss OTT Season 2. Although he was evicted in one day, he managed to get a lot of fans and his Instagram following crossed a million. Fans of the internet sensation have multiple theories behind why his account is no longer available on Instagram. Some fans speculate that his account might have been disabled after MC Stan’s fans mass-reported his account. It is to be noted that a tiff between Puneet Superstar and MC Stan was simmering after the latter called his content “cringe.”

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Other fans speculate that Puneet Superstar’s account might have been removed because he was sharing a lot of anti-Bigg Boss content on his social media handles. Nevertheless, his fans are sad following this development.

Here’s what his fans have to say.

Puneet Superstar has a backup account on Instagram. Looks like the Lord isn’t going anywhere.