Korean dramas, or K-dramas, are the talk of the town. They have introduced us to a whole new world that involves the Korean lifestyle. Simple yet catchy plots, cheesy storylines, amazing soundtracks, and picturesque locations are the key ingredients that have made K-dramas immensely popular. However, one of the most interesting aspects of these dramas is how they have shown us some unique career paths chosen by the characters.

Notably different from the engineering and medical professions shown in desi shows, take a look at these interesting careers from K-dramas below.

1. Shipbuilding in May Queen

May Queen is situated against the backdrop of a shipbuilding company. Hae Joo (played by Han Ji-hye) rises from being a technician to finally becoming a designer at her own shipbuilding company. Additionally, you can also get a glimpse into the world of oil exploration and shipbuilding technology. Sounds quite cool!

Korean dramas
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2. Acupuncturist in Live Up To Your Name

Live Up To Your Name is quite unlike other medical dramas. Here we have an acupuncturist and a surgeon battle it out over what holds more value – traditional techniques or contemporary medical treatments. Acupuncture is an age-old alternative medical practice in the Far East. This medical drama also involves time travel. The series features Kim Nam-gil and Kim Ah-joong in lead roles.

Live Up To Your Name
Source: Netflix

3. Food Researcher in A Business Proposal

If you are a foodie, this job is for you. Starring Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong in lead roles, this drama takes us into the life of a food researcher who is a part of the food development team. It includes developing new recipes, checking the nutritional values, and trying out new recipes before it hits the market.

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A Business Proposal (2022)
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4. Orchestra Conductor in Beethoven Virus

Staying true to the name of the series, Beethoven Virus is an ode to classical music and musicians. This Korean drama follows the life of a world-renowned orchestra maestro, Conductor Kang (played by Kim Myung-min), who is a perfectionist and a difficult person to work with. While it involves a love triangle, the series manages to take us into the lives of the people who dream of making it big in the music industry.

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5. Art Curator in Her Private Life

Starring Park Min Young, Her Private Life is about an art gallery curator. In her role as a curator, Sung Deok Mi organizes exhibitions. Being an art curator is definitely not a boring job. Some of the roles and responsibilities of the job entail creating archives, developing libraries, and engaging with the media to draw an audience to state a few.

Her Private Life
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6. Shoe Designer in I Do, I Do

Hwang Ji-ahn (played by Kim Sun-a) is a successful shoe designer. She is a director of a popular shoe company. As the boss, she is authoritative but at the same time, she crumbles under stress. Hwang loves shoes and is passionate about her craft. While a lot of shows take us into the lives of fashion designers and stylists, watch this show to get a glimpse of what the footwear industry has to offer.

I Do, I Do
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7. Video Game Music Producer in Search: WWW

While we have heard of video game developers, this job is quite different from that. Search: WWW mostly focuses on the women who work at competing web portals but you cannot ignore this one character who has this unique job. Park Mo Gun (played by Jang Ki Yong) is a CEO of a company that composes music for video games. Watch the series to see how the music is composed from scratch and how they are added to the games based on various themes.

Search: WWW
Source: Soompi

8. Sound Director in Another Miss Oh

A sound director is responsible for planning, supervising, and assisting in the creation of sounds for commercials, movies, live shows, etc. They not only balance the sound but also enhance it to give the listeners a good experience. In Another Miss Oh, Park Do-kyung (played by Eric Mun) takes us into the intricacies of what a sound director does along with his crew of engineers.

Eric Mun
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9. Furniture Designer in Discovery Of Love

K-dramas are big on portraying creative jobs on screen and this job is just another example. This show takes us into the life of a furniture designer who designs one-of-a-kind furniture. It takes us into the various processes of furniture making – conceptualizing, finding the materials, and the final designing process.

Discovery Of Love
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10. Subtitle Translator in Run On

Oh Mi Joo (played by Shin Se Kyung) works as a movie translator who translates Korean subtitles into English. Not only that, but her job also includes her helping the cast and crew with English phrases. If you love movies and think that they have a deeper meaning and you want to unravel these multiple layers, this definitely is a job for you.

Run On
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What other careers would you add to this list?

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