When was the last time you saw a celebrity repeating their red carpet look? I am sure the answer would be zero. But Ricky Kej is here to change the game.
The Grammy Award-winning music composer was recently seen at Cannes Film Festival 2022 in the same outfit he wore at the Grammy Awards 2022.

The music composer was seen in the same navy blue bandh gala with a red pocket square he wore at Grammy Awards held in April this year. Bandh galas are a timeless fashion piece and Ricky Kej chose to wear them with a white kurta and fitted pants.


Ricky took this to raise an important message about the fashion industry. On his Instagram, he wrote “Fast fashion isn’t always fashionable. Especially when we consider its impact on our planet (the fashion industry is one of the most polluting on the planet). The use of toxic textile dyes, cheap materials, and the massive use of water translates to environmental pollution. For decades, repeating an outfit for galas and events would be considered a fashion blunder – encouraging people to switch up outfits for every event, making clothes ‘Single Use’. It’s time to change that narrative. It’s time we consider our planet in this equation.” 

On Twitter, the composer tweeted how repeating outfits is actually the smallest step one can take in terms of making sustainable fashion choices.

Ricky is right. Reportedly, the fashion industry produces more than 50 million tonnes of fibre every year, out of which 70% ends up in garbage dumps, or is incinerated. And the fast fashion industry is notorious for creating new trends by delivering new products every two weeks.

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Twitteratis lauded the music composer for this move.

It’s time we do our part in making fashion sustainable.