Delhi has a lot to offer for those who absolutely love street food. The city offers a flavourful mix of sweet and savoury food and because it is the capital you get a plethora of options. From the yummy chole bhature, to momos, to different varieties of kebabs, the options you get in Delhi remain unmatched.

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Recently, a Twitter user took up the challenge to visit almost every food shop and stall in Delhi. He visited over 120+ food shops/stalls and sampled approximately 200 different dishes in the span of a year. Following this, what resulted from this challenge is a comprehensive thread that shows the lip-smacking delights the city has to offer.

Kathan tweeted, “I arrived in Delhi on 14 February 2022. In little over a year, I have visited 120+ food shops/stalls and sampled approx. 200 different dishes that this city has to offer. Here’s a Comprehensive* Thread of all the Street Food to be found in Dilli, Pt. 1.” Take a look at the tweet here.

Kathan documented his food journey in an elaborate thread that you absolutely cannot miss. What’s more, is that he broke down the thread into nine parts to cover almost everything the city has to offer. The nine categories are Veg breakfast, Mughlai, Chaat, Punjabi, Momos, Sweets, CR Park, South Indian, and Western.

To sum up, the comprehensive thread includes chole bhature from Virat Kohli’s favourite joint – Rama Ke Chhole Bhatuure at Jail Road, Tilak Nagar.

On the other hand, there’s butter seekh kebab from Bismillah, Matia Mahal. (P.S.: The kebabs section is an exhaustive list!)

And then, there’s chaat from Balaji Chaat Corner, Chandni Chowk.

Besides momos, Delhi isn’t Dehi without rajma-chawal. There’s rajma chawal from New Punjabi Khana at Nehru Place.

In addition to North Indian food, we also have Majnu Ka Tilla for North Eastern and Tibetan cuisine.

Next, we have Daulat Ki Chaat from Khemchand!

And so much more.

Kathan’s tweet has gone viral and it has been viewed over 1.5 million times. People loved it and furthermore, many said that they have bookmarked it. Evidently, the thread showcases the Dilli food in all its glory. Here’s what people had to say about it.

Once in a while, Twitter users come up with such gems. This tweet is undeniably a food lover’s paradise. I don’t know about you, but this tweet has definitely made me hungry.