Among other things, what makes us (yes I am including all of y’all) different from rich people is how we use the internet. For instance, a person is not going to use Tinder if they are rich enough to buy Tinder. They will use something fancier.

Here is the list of websites and apps providing high profile services that the millionaires and billionaires use.

1. Rich kids

This app markets itself as ‘the world’s most exclusive social network’ and is a lot like Instagram. 

Makers of this app have made it very clear who it is meant for. People use it to share photos, like this guy who didn’t have a pillow so he replaced it with cash. Tough life.

stuff rich people buy website
Rich Kids

2. Luxy

This is like Tinder but for the rich. Apart from money, the other three things that you need, to be on this app: Good looks, good looks and good looks.

It allows you to make a free account which is open to other members who can vote for you, based on your looks and financial status (LOL, two cross marks there). You have to get 50% votes in 24 hours to use other services listed on the app. Only paid membership allows you to chat with fellow rich people but for that you have to get your income verified. 

stuff rich people buy website

3. Quintessentially

With its long range of services, this website can make any of your wish come true. But there is a catch: They have to be grand.

Standing true to its name, the website provides you with the most expensive and luxurious options for anything you want under the sun. For instance, this one time they blocked the entire Sydney bridge so that I guy could propose his partner. They also have a membership fee, obviously, to filter out anyone other than the rich.

stuff rich people buy website

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4. James Edition

This is an online shop for expensive items. By ‘expensive’ I mean things that cost crores.

James Edition is like a Ebay, but for expensive items like a yacht worth 9 crores and a jet worth 2 crores or a property worth 40 crores

stuff rich people buy website
James Edition

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5. The Billionaire Shop

Like James Edition, this website also provides shopping options for the millionaires and billionaires who have money but no time.

Another luxury shopping website, The Billionaire Shop’s service list starts with helicopters. Their websites states their motto pretty well: Money cannot buy you happiness they say, but it can afford you a lifestyle filled with luxury watches, expensive cars and luxury real estate.

stuff rich people buy website
The Billionaire Shop

6. Hush Hush

In case the above two were not enough, there is another website with items worth hundreds of lakhs.

They claim themselves to be the ‘Amazon for millionaires’ and going by their products, it seems that they are correct. Hush Hush has a category called ‘the most expensive’ which currently has stuff for Valentine’s Day. 

stuff rich people buy website
Hush Hush

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7. Flyblade

When rich people get stuck, they don’t a cab: they take a plane- which is exactly the service Flyblade provides.

While we use Uber, the millionaires use Flybade. It allows them to book chartered flights ‘in seconds’ for personal use or crowd sourcing and selling seats. They also have a lounge where people can chill before they go and chill inside their personal plane. 

stuff rich people buy website
Fly Blade

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8. iVIP Black

This app provides vouchers and whatnot for things and places frequented by rich people. Need a last-minute booking at a 7-star restaurant? This app will do it for you. 

This app gives you ‘extra-special experiences like complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packages, exclusive rates, priority access, and other privileges across its luxury partners and services. Only catch? It costs ₹ 79,900

stuff rich people buy website

Funny how I can’t even afford the app, let alone the services.

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