In the wake of the ongoing pandemic, cops are working relentlessly to serve those who are facing problems amid the lockdown. 

They are proving to be good samaritans in these difficult times, and we can’t thank them enough. 

On that note, here are 12 instances of cops who went beyond the call of duty to help those who needed it the most during the lockdown. 

1. These cops were applauded for their dedication and hard work after they were seen sleeping on the floor in a viral photo, after their duty. 

2. A police constable from Delhi, named Dayaveer Singh, helped a pregnant woman reach the hospital on time for delivery. 

3. BL Lakshmi Narayana Reddy, a cop from Hyderabad, went above the call of duty to help a migrant worker who was in need of serious medical attention. He paid ₹20,000 from his own pocket for the migrant worker’s medical bills. 

4. In a heart-warming gesture, S Kumaraswamy, a cop from Bengaluru traveled 430 kms on his bike to deliver medicines to a cancer patient, amid the lockdown. 

5. In a viral video, a police officer was spotted feeding a banana to an amputee monkey while he was talking on the phone.

6. This Odisha Police officer went out of his way to arrange camel milk for a 3.5-year-old autistic child from Mumbai after his mother tweeted about it to PM Modi. 

7. These Chandigarh cops are feeding stray dogs and looking after them since the lockdown was announced. 

8. This police officer from Ahmedabad offered himself for coronavirus vaccine experiment.  

9. Two Noida cops donated blood and helped in the delivery of a pregnant woman who gave birth to a baby boy.

10. Shrishti Shrotriya, a cop from MP is sewing face masks for the underprivileged, every day, after her duty. 

11. So far, the Delhi Police distributed over 5 million food packets among the poor and the homeless during the lockdown. 

12. After the lockdown was announced, this constable covered 450 kms partially on foot from Kanpur to Jabalpur to join duty. 

These kind souls are helping in every way possible to make life easier for us. Respect!