Right now, it seems that we are living in an entirely different world altogether. A world where the air is healthier, water is cleaner and animals and birds are reclaiming their spaces.

Things were quite scary before the world entered this lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Here’s a comparison of things before and after the lockdown.

Snow-capped Himalayan ranges are visible from Jalandhar after a significant improvement in the air quality.

Water in the canals of Venice became much clearer due to reduction in boat activity.

Deer which are normally confined to the parks, were seen wandering through city streets and subway stations in Nara, Japan.

A spotted Malabar civet was seen on streets in Calicut, Kerala, amid the lockdown.

A flock of pigeons gathered in Connaught Place area of Delhi in the absence of vehicular traffic.

Olive Ridley turtles returned to the beaches in Odisha to dig nests and laid eggs in the absence of tourists due to the lockdown. 

While humans stayed at homes, peacocks were seen dancing on the streets of Khareghat Colony in Mumbai.

A nilgai was spotted on the empty streets of Noida amid lockdown.

Mumbaikars spotted dolphins swimming near the seashore in the absence of human intrusion.

Delhi recorded AQIs as low as 38 due to shutting down of all vehicular movement.

The AQIs in Delhi, this March, were among the lowest in last 5 years.

Water in Yamuna river in Delhi looks cleaner as industries remained shut due to the lockdown.

After so many years, nature is healing and environment is rejuvenating. Hope we learn lessons from this lockdown and the world always looks happy and healthy.