Among all the things that shouldn’t getting dull, sex tops the list. And sex games can be a great way to invite a hot wave of newness to your bedroom. The games we’ve talked about below don’t need sexcessories, so props to that and honestly, they’re hot as hell.

1. Strip Poker

This one never gets old. For the uninitiated, strip poker is a party game and a version of the traditional poker where players remove clothing when they lose a round, one piece at a time.

2. Dirty Pictionary

Illustrate your sex fantasy, sex position, or sex toy and make your partner guess what it is.  If they guess incorrectly, it’s their chance to draw. And you know a steamy session follows with every right guess!

3. Red Light, Green Light

The colours are intended to measure one’s level of pleasure from the activity. Saying “red” means you want your partner to stop, “green” means they want to keep going, and “yellow” means you want them to slow down or go a little more gently. Squid Game maniacs, where are you? 

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4. Introduce a sex fantasy jar

You may either fill the jar with 30 of each of your sex fantasies and pick one out each day, or simply go with the flow and do as many as you can think of.

5. Spot the honey

Get your partner blindfolded, then dip your finger in honey and dab it on your body in an unexpected spot where you want to be touched or licked. Your partner must use their lips to explore your body in hunt of the sweet spot. You may also use a timer to increase the difficulty. You can trade off, take timed turns with the winner receiving the best two out of three, or whatever rules you like.

6. Truth or Dare 2.0

“Tell me about the hottest sex scene you’ve ever seen?” “I dare you to give me your sexiest striptease right now,” or “I dare you to give me your best striptease right now.” Isn’t it worth it attempting an NSFW version of Truth or Dare?

7. Freeze out

Take turns using ice to explore one other’s body. Keep in mind that when dealing with ice, you should be very gentle and use small, teasing strokes. Before going down to your partner’s genitals, wait till the ice has melted a little and they are adapted to the chilly sensation. This not only increases their desire, but it also assures that they won’t suffer freezer burn in any sensitive areas.

8. What those porn stars do?

Okay, don’t get me wrong. Choose some feminist porn that makes you feel bold and horny. Grab your partner, and turn the temperature up by watching it together. Perhaps you’ll discover your new go-to position. 

9. House Party

Only one rule. No one orgasms until you’ve made out in every room of the house.

10. Strip Scrabble

Like ordinary Scrabble, except that you can only spell dirty words. You must remove a piece of clothing every time your partner gets a point. Because fair is fair, the same goes for the other way around.

11. The Position Challenge

Count how many different sex positions you can squeeze into a single sex session before you’re done. See if you can top it each time you set a new record. It’s possible that you’ll find your new favourite!

12. Strip-Pong

You’ll be at one end of the table, and your partner will be at the other. Take turns trying to hit the cups at the other end of the table with a Ping-Pong ball. When one of you gets in, the other needs to take out the cup…along with a piece of clothing. The first participant to land a ball in each of the six cups gets to seek a sexual favour.

What are you trying tonight?